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Media Progression or Regression?

A recent piece on the UK website The Guardian, took a shot at its media brethren across the pond – specifically the New York Times and LA Times – for their public acknowledgement that each was reviewing their policies around the practice of allowing reporters to submit quotes for approval by presidential contenders’ communications teams before publication.

In this world of connectivity… Have we become disconnected?

As I snuggled into bed on this past week’s snowy Wednesday evening I realized I forgot to watch the President’s Speech in Tucson. Fortunately my smartphone was charging nearby so I opened my YouTube app and caught up on my current events. I smiled to myself as I thought of the iconic images of past Presidential speeches, families gathered around the radio waiting with bated breath… Read more »

Tarnishing the Halo: Biden Drops the Bomb

Use of profanity is traditionally accepted as an occasional outburst reserved for situations of duress or frustration, but as recent events have demonstrated, it can also be used to ring in historic government change. By now, we all know that Vice President Biden said on-air, for millions of Americans to hear, that the new healthcare bill was a ‘big f***ing deal’. It sure is. However, as… Read more »