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Appealing to Audience Appetites: A How-to Guide to Food Photography

“Everyone eats.” Food is synonymous with memory, Don’t believe me? Watch the climax from Ratatouille. It’s indicative of all cultures. Witness that in action by throwing on Parts Unknown: you’ll notice most of the conversations take place around a table layered with local food and drink. Whatever your relationship is to food, one thing remains clear: food is universal. Social media has made sharing our experiences… Read more »

Instagram's Photographer of the Year & My High Horse

“North Korea photojournalist named ‘Instagram photographer of the year” When I read that headline a few weeks ago I was hit with so many competing thoughts it was hard to articulate even a single word in response. A photojournalist (true professional) in North Korea (incredibly harsh atmosphere) winning an…Instagram award. Wut On one hand, chief Asia photojournalist David Guttenfelder for the Associated Press has been recognized… Read more »

PMA or bust … or just a bust?

The Photo Marketing Association conference and trade show kicks off next Friday and, like everyone else in the industry who will be in attendance, I’m eager to see how things pan out. Much has been said about the success of the show and the future of this event since last fall, when Canon announced that it would not be exhibiting and several companies followed suit.