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What Matters in Your Search for a PR Job

I just spoke with a dynamite young professional who is moving to the mid-west and leaving Matter after four years – Molly, we will miss you! – and that quick chat reminded how I am able to see more clearly the characteristics of an agency that provides employees with a career rather than just a job. (It’s visibility I have now, after working for a number… Read more »

Ins and Outs of PR Measurement

PR Measurement and results are an important part of any PR program, and it’s something that’s in our DNA here at Matter Communications. Unlike PR’s closest relatives marketing and advertising where metrics are clearly defined and ROI is something that can be calculated, PR measurement has always been somewhat of a softer science. We recently had the pleasure of attending a seminar on the very topic… Read more »

3 Things to Look for When Watching a Video Sizzle Reel

At year’s end, most video production houses should be recapping their latest and greatest work into a short video for the world to see. Also known as the “sizzle reel,” this video showcases said video house’s best work and truly provides good insight into the group’s production value, quality, aesthetics, and knowledge in industry. This best-of-the-best video is ultimately edited very intentionally to project or parallel… Read more »

Companies Vying to be “Top Place to Work” – I’m Typing to You.

Last week I had the tremendous pleasure of collecting the hardware associated with our agency being named a “Top Place to Work” by the Boston Globe – for the third year in a row! – and I’m taking some time to share how a business like ours receives such an accolade. We’re in great company, and while I’m confident that others on the Globe’s list manage… Read more »

From NBPT to PDX: The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

A bi-coastal, cross-office exchange program – how cool is that? With the importance of office culture always top-of-mind at Matter Communications, a program was created wherein each month two professionals from our East Coast locations are offered the opportunity to visit our new Portland, OR location. The goal: foster work relationships and encourage collaboration. Sarah Ellis and myself were recently (and fortunately) selected for the trip,… Read more »

Four Reasons Holiday Parties Matter

Later today, the majority of our staff (and their plus-ones!) will be gathering to celebrate the season.  Like so many agencies nationwide, we’ll share holiday joy by eating, drinking and being merry. After a full year of helping our clients achieve both communications and business success, we’re ready to enjoy a holiday season celebration – and likely, you are too! Here are four reasons why holiday… Read more »

10 Ways to Be Invaluable to Your PR Firm

The public relations industry is enjoying something of a renaissance in recent years, because social media is all about engagement, and engagement has always been the lifeblood of solid PR pros. It’s what we do, whether it’s building relationships with print media, bloggers or influencers on various social channels. In short, it’s a great time to be in PR, and an even better time to for… Read more »

3 Things Senior Marketing People Get Wrong about Working with PR Agencies

When you’ve run a PR agency as long as I have – ten years and proudly counting – you begin to notice patterns of behavior from the marketing folks who are your prospects. There are a lot of brilliant CMOs and marketing VPs who are great at their jobs, but aren’t quite as skilled at picking the right PR partner because they evaluate faulty criteria. Here… Read more »

3 Glaring Reasons to Look for a New PR and Social Media Firm

The writing is on the wall, as they say. When something’s not right with your PR firm, the problem isn’t always easy to pinpoint, but eventually it becomes glaring – if you know where to look.  Here are three reasons why you should start looking for a new PR and social media agency: First, if you firm is complacent – and doesn’t enthusiastically embrace opportunities to… Read more »

5 Ways to Lose a PR Pitch

PR agencies typically have to earn the business they win by jumping through multiple hoops. Often we get an RFI (Request for Information) or an RFP (Request for Proposals) from the company looking to hire a new firm. Anyone who has completed these knows they’re laborious, time-sucking exercises that don’t accomplish much more than a half-hour phone call would.  But, that’s part of the gig, and… Read more »

6 Ways PR People are Like Salespeople

I once told a young family member of mine to learn to sell, because “you’re always selling something to someone.” Like I’m doing now, trying to get you interested in whatever I’m going to type below. For years I’ve thought that sales should be a higher-profile topic at colleges and universities as the bulk of graduates will try to secure the interest of – and the… Read more »

Stop Bashing Millennials – Especially in PR

This post originally appeared in PRWeek. It’s become something of a sport for social media and business types to beat up on the youngsters joining the ranks of PR: They’re too self-absorbed. They don’t think long-term. They feel entitled. They ignore some forms of punctuation – and overuse others!!!! I say knock it off with the youth-bashing, folks. Every older generation since the beginning of time… Read more »

7 Traits of a Solid PR Pro

 Having been around the block a while, I believe I have a good understanding of the personal characteristics that are commonly found in a successful PR professional. At a minimum, these are the traits of the folks we seek when filling key positions here at Matter Communications.  In my humble opinion, PR people need to be…  Business-minded What’s the end goal? That’s what PR people need… Read more »