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Four Reasons Why PR Pitching is An Art Form

All editorial pitches are opportunities for expression. Through email, direct messages on Twitter, inMail on LinkedIn or any other communications channel, editorial pitching provides us PR professionals with a creative channel for securing a story. It’s an art form, really, and here are four reasons that support that statement: First, a PR pitch offers the practitioner unlimited creativity. You know the charge at hand, and can… Read more »

4 Ways Visuals Help Win PR Business

These days it’s impossible to find an article written about our business that doesn’t cover the emphasis currently being put toward visual story telling.  It’s an exciting part of a PR and social media gig, and should be a big part of every agency new business pitch.  Here are a few ways to leverage visual content to help pitch prospects: First, work with your in-house video… Read more »

5 Ways to Lose a PR Pitch

PR agencies typically have to earn the business they win by jumping through multiple hoops. Often we get an RFI (Request for Information) or an RFP (Request for Proposals) from the company looking to hire a new firm. Anyone who has completed these knows they’re laborious, time-sucking exercises that don’t accomplish much more than a half-hour phone call would.  But, that’s part of the gig, and… Read more »

6 Ways PR People are Like Salespeople

I once told a young family member of mine to learn to sell, because “you’re always selling something to someone.” Like I’m doing now, trying to get you interested in whatever I’m going to type below. For years I’ve thought that sales should be a higher-profile topic at colleges and universities as the bulk of graduates will try to secure the interest of – and the… Read more »