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Stop Bashing Millennials – Especially in PR

This post originally appeared in PRWeek. It’s become something of a sport for social media and business types to beat up on the youngsters joining the ranks of PR: They’re too self-absorbed. They don’t think long-term. They feel entitled. They ignore some forms of punctuation – and overuse others!!!! I say knock it off with the youth-bashing, folks. Every older generation since the beginning of time… Read more »

Public Recognition of a Stalwart Captain

Full disclosure: I am a flag-waving Matter Communications fan. I’ve put in time at a few agencies, ranging from a small PR division of a primarily ad shop to  playing the “cog in the machine” role at a global agency, and nowhere have I felt more confident in company leadership than at Matter.  And this week, I’m thrilled to see public recognition of our CEO, Scott… Read more »