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Three Steps to Fully Understand Your Competitive Landscape

You have competitors, and while they may not be lurking in dark shadows waiting to take down your business (or maybe they are …), being aware of and keeping tabs on your competition is a crucial strategy for any organization. We’re sure you’re already on top of this, but your might not be considering all the best sources of intel or how to use that information… Read more »

How to Leverage Media Coverage Beyond Publication

  Augment Branded Channels Populate your company blog with announcements, alerts and excerpts from positive news pieces Quotes and excerpts can also be turned into simple graphics for your website and social channels (hint: positive reviews/coverage makes for excellent sponsored social posts) Have your spokesperson publish your bylines and op-eds on LinkedIn Pulse, which delivers your content to a significant audience (just be sure to note… Read more »

50 Survival Rules of PR Agency Life

A career at a PR agency is filled with valuable lessons about teamwork, accountability and professional growth. If you work at a public relations agency you can relate. If you hope to one day thrive in an agency environment, you’ll want to pay attention to these 50 rules of the road.

4 PR Tips to Attending a Client Tradeshow

As a public relations professional, I’m fortunate to have a career that allows for frequent travel, so you can only imagine the excitement that ensued last month, when I got to spend four days in Las Vegas to attend Ceridian INSIGHTS, one of our clients’ largest annual customer forum. Throughout the four days, I spent a significant amount of time learning about the client, its services… Read more »