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Advice for Landing Your Internship, From A Current Intern

Landing A PR Internship While searching for an internship, I was intrigued by Matter’s witty, active and engaging digital presence. I explored the site, eventually finding Maria, a Matter Vice President stationed at Matter’s Boulder (BoCo) office. With nothing to lose but a little time and dignity, I sent her an email proposing an informational chat about Matter and the greater PR industry. Fortunately, Maria was… Read more »

Quiz: What PR Program Fits Your Needs?

Finding the right public relations partner can be a daunting task. There are endless options in each market with different offerings and approaches. From small boutique shops to global agencies, it’s difficult to identify the right PR program for your organization and its goals. Are you looking for traditional media relations? What about social and SEO/SEM capabilities? PR agencies now more than ever need to offer… Read more »

6 Must-Do Strategies for Reaching Millennial Moms

While a lot of attention is often given to reaching the male demographic between the ages of 18 and 34, when it comes to many consumer brands, reaching Millennial Moms (those born between 1981 and 1996) is becoming a huge priority. As PR professionals, we’ve had to rethink how we approach our jobs as a result. Sure, it’s nice to get that glossy magazine hit, but… Read more »

Viral Content 101: What You Need to Know About “Going Viral”

“How can we make our content go viral?” If PR professionals gained a dollar each time this question was asked, maybe we wouldn’t be here. Kidding, of course! However, viral is a buzzword that we all hear frequently and, to avoid overuse, it’s important to understand what “going viral” truly means. Viral is an adjective meaning “quickly and widely spread or popularized especially by means of… Read more »

Being a PR Generalist Has Its Perks

Now more than ever, it’s important for PR professionals to be versatile and agile – to move between industries seamlessly. While developing a speciality in one area certainly has its advantages, the PR generalist is one of the most nimble and necessary communications professionals out there, bridging B2C and B2B communications with H2H (human to human) strategies.   WHO Who is the PR generalist? They’re the… Read more »

Precision Grows Up

Can a world-class public relations program be shrunk, Alice in Wonderland style, to fit in the pocket of an organization looking for focused brand communications? Well, yes. That’s exactly what we do. Matter’s Precision group accomplished this feat of scale, simultaneously focusing programs to become more attainable while growing agency revenue, client base, and capable staff.   Precision focuses topnotch PR and marketing to fit any… Read more »

Intern Turned Employee: Agency Life Brings a New Perspective

Take it from someone who chose their career path in middle school, a decision based solely off of Sex and The City’s ultimate boss-lady Samantha Jones, that there is a lot more to working in the PR industry than flashy press events and client lunches. In college I set out to prepare myself for a real world career in PR instead of one set in NYC… Read more »

Q&A with Public Relations Analytics Expert Russ Somers of TrendKite

Jesse Ciccone, VP at Matter and resident measurement enthusiast, recently sat down with Russ Somers, VP Marketing at TrendKite, a PR Analytics software platform to discuss data and measurement in public relations. Russ has spent his career in the marketing analytics and technology industry with companies like Hoover’s, Invodo (where he was a Matter client for several years!), SonarDesign, and Dell, and is a frequent speaker… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Joining Another Social Platform

Ten years ago, if your business wanted to have a presence on social media, there weren’t many places to go. What a difference one decade can make. Facebook now boasts the world’s largest user base and an incredibly sophisticated ads platform. Instagram passed 600 million users. Snapchat grew to attract 50 million daily active users in five years. Plus, there’s Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, each of… Read more »

Why SEO is Important to Public Relations

SEO has been a well-established practice for many years, yet it remains a mystery even to those thoroughly steeped in the art and science of promotion. This is a problem because the absence of SEO can negatively impact otherwise well-thought-out sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and even brand positioning. With every day that passes, it becomes more and more important for public relations pros to understand the… Read more »

The Art of Newsjacking: Four Strategies for PR Success

Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas (or your client’s) into a breaking news story to obtain media coverage and ultimately elevate the brand. Since most clients aren’t wired with a journalist’s brain, it’s our job as PR pros to make those connections and advise clients appropriately. By newsjacking, PR teams can catapult their client into the forefront of trending conversations that are… Read more »

Which Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand?

When push comes to shove, Facebook is the “must-have” social media platform for brands. Facebook has the most users total (231 million monthly active users in the United States and Canada) and much higher daily use (1.23 billion total daily active users on average for December 2016). People check Facebook more frequently than other social platforms, and its user base is also the most broadly representative… Read more »

Media on the Move: Week of May 29

With technology rapidly changing the media landscape, journalists are constantly moving to not only other publications and beats, but also to in-house content gigs.  As public relations professionals, it is imperative we are always up to speed on the latest media moves to best serve our clients. We’ve round up some of the most significant reporter moves relevant to our clients’ industries below and hope to… Read more »