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Running for a goal

There are so many worthy (and non-worthy-but-still-interesting) topics I could cover in my post today:  from the Grammys to Egypt, the iPhone on Verizon to Donald Trump’s run for the Oval Office in 2012. And these are but a few.

Thoughts on the Tiger Woods press conference

So…did anyone watch Tiger Woods’ press conference today? Reactions are all over the place – The Philadelphia Inquirer called it a “self-serving sham.” Sports Illustrated‘s Michael Rosenberg had the opposite opinion, saying Tiger showed some emotional vulnerability and finally “introduced himself” to the world for the first time in 14 years. Gloria Allred (predictably) used the opportunity for her own benefit and labeled it “a disgrace”… Read more »

The Balloon Boy saga: a lesson on publicity stunts

Coverage of last week’s “Balloon Boy” episode has been overwhelming, if not completely annoying. Now that it has “officially” been certified a hoax, people are weighing in on everything from how the media attention will affect little Falcon Heene to how aggressively child protective services should be intervening. One of the most spot-on observations I’ve read over the past week was in a blog entry from… Read more »