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3 Traps to Avoid When Judging PR Success

So you’ve decided your business needs PR. That’s fantastic news, as maintaining great momentum in the media has never been more important, and recognizing that you need a better way to relate to your partners, customers or stakeholders puts you firmly ahead of the pack. Unfortunately, even the most forward-thinking brand managers can fall victim to false assumptions about PR and how it should be measured…. Read more »

Fall is in the Air

Although I for one, am sad to say goodbye to summer, there is something refreshing about the change in seasons. And, this week at Matter fall is certainly already in the air. It’s in the cooler breeze blowing off the ocean, it’s in the hours of football watched this weekend (perhaps it’s in the collective groan of colleagues with significant others who insist on these hours… Read more »

PR that matters to our clients' businesses

It’s nice when things come together. Clients call on us to help them do something. Maybe they want media coverage to raise awareness, or to help position them a certain way to a certain audience. Maybe they want awards or speaking opportunities to help differentiate and elevate them in a crowded market. Maybe they want assistance navigating the waters of social media to help them manage their… Read more »