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Radio Silence: When Ghosting Enters a PR Agency

Sudden silence. Unreturned emails, calls, texts. Anyone who has swam in the dating pool since the advent of the iPhone knows something about ghosting. Maybe you’ve swiftly severed communications instead of letting someone down gently and directly. Maybe you’ve been the one left wondering what happened. You connected online, you had a few great interactions in-person and on text, optimism abounded and then…*poof* ghosted. If you… Read more »

Shame on the Spray-And-Pray Sales Rep

I’m dealing with a salesperson that has crossed the line from persistent to annoying, and doesn’t understand what we do and need. He’s spamming me with crazy regularity and the content of his pitch is meaningless to me and my business. The truth is, there are far too many PR agencies that take this similar tact while pitching. As PR professionals, we’re always trying to sell… Read more »

The Ever-Changing PR Salesperson

My LinkedIn profile lists the (modest in length) stops I made as a PR professional. For the past 20 years I held corporate-side gigs and carried the business card of a number of public relations agencies. I worked in shops large and small – some internationally focused and some local – and in shops that had a focus in almost every category of business, including high-technology,… Read more »

6 Ways PR People are Like Salespeople

I once told a young family member of mine to learn to sell, because “you’re always selling something to someone.” Like I’m doing now, trying to get you interested in whatever I’m going to type below. For years I’ve thought that sales should be a higher-profile topic at colleges and universities as the bulk of graduates will try to secure the interest of – and the… Read more »

Marketing – and PR – on'ROIDS

Last week’s Harvard Business Review blog post by Dick Patton got me thinking about some of the challenges Matter has recently been tasked with. On more than one account, we’ve been asked to blur traditional PR boundaries to help our clients develop installed base marketing programs. It’s no secret that it takes less resources to market to existing customers, and yet, start-up firms and established companies… Read more »