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Backlinking and SEO For Public Relations Professionals

In the world of SEO, backlinks have been the holy grail for ranking high in search results. The more quality backlinks a website has, the better that site will rank on Google. With the amount of content available today, quality backlinks can help to ensure a client breaks through the clutter and isn’t lost by the most popular search engines. In today’s world, it is important… Read more »

Why SEO is Important to Public Relations

SEO has been a well-established practice for many years, yet it remains a mystery even to those thoroughly steeped in the art and science of promotion. This is a problem because the absence of SEO can negatively impact otherwise well-thought-out sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and even brand positioning. With every day that passes, it becomes more and more important for public relations pros to understand the… Read more »

Does Print Media Matter?

Earlier this week I grabbed a good ole’ hard copy of USA Today here in the Matter office, thumbed through the Money section and spotted this piece speculating on the future of two of the most esteemed national print newsweeklies, Time and Newsweek. Newsweek of course made its own headlines recently when it resumed publication of its print edition. Talk about “Back to the Future.” I… Read more »

A Manifesto for PR Agencies

 I believe any PR agency in 2013 that is not obsessed with the inherent value of Search Engine Optimization should immediately sell to a conglomerate for pennies on the dollar or declare bankruptcy to protect what assets remain. You’re over.  I believe that PR agencies who don’t understand how to actually engage with “influencers” ought to acknowledge this distressing fact candidly when pitching prospects, rather than… Read more »

The Dramatic Impact of Social Video Recommendations on Brand Metrics – from REELSEO

From REELSEO: According to new research, viewers are far more likely to recall a brand name and engage with an ad’s message if a branded video has been recommended to them by a peer. The survey, conducted by Decipher Research to measure the effectiveness of social video advertising, found that social video recommendations had a direct impact on traditional brand metrics and ad enjoyment.

Keeping It Real

Anyone who has ever sat or scrolled through a “Twitter 101” is probably familiar with two of social media’s top rules: 1) be authentic 2) share worthwhile media assets/content. It’s often struck me as funny that these best practices are being tossed around as something new for PR.