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Smartphone Video: The Future of Professional Filmmaking?

We all know that smartphone cameras are the most popular point-and-shoots in the world right now. Each generation, they’re  packed with more megapixels, higher frame rates, and crispier color capabilities than ever before. You’ve probably seen Apple’s newest campaign that shows a breathtaking slo-mo drone shot of someone surfing, or a billboard that features a photo that looks like it was taken straight from Claude Monet’s garden. Optical… Read more »

2011 News Media: You got your news from what!?

As a newbie to the PR world, I’m learning something new every day. The same could be said, however, for the PR world itself. The other day, Mashable.com featured a piece called “10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011”, which discussed predictions about the manner in which people will gather news in the year 2011 (from smartphones, iPads, etc.). While this article touched on some… Read more »