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Matter Takes on NewCo Boston

Another year, another great NewCo. Matter joined a tribe of talented, tech-hungry people last week for the 3rd annual NewCo Boston Festival, hosted by the Mass Technology Leadership Council (MassTLC). During the two-day event, attendees step out of their day-to-day and into the offices of over 70 participating companies to network and learn about the local innovation scene. One idea struck our team. Nearly every session… Read more »

Startup Guide: How To Create a Customer PR Program

The next time you pick up a copy of STORES or Entrepreneur Magazine, notice how many stories follow a case study format. A major retailer wants to improve customer experience and invests in a chatbot to help shoppers navigate their store. A small business wants to simplify transactions at the point of sale and invests in a tablet point-of-sale application for checkout. Joint PR projects, like… Read more »

Everybody Grab Your Brand Buddy

If any one word could lay claim to the zeitgeist of the last decade, it’s “community”. Obviously “community” has been a core driver of human behavior for millennia, but the past ten years have championed the term as the essence of not only how we market ourselves, but how we operate our businesses. As of a few years ago, it stopped being enough to have a… Read more »

Enterprising Thoughts on Marketing

Earlier this week, I led a workshop on marketing for a group of entrepreneurs from Boston’s North Shore at Salem State University’s Enterprise Center. Its always great to get out and interact with new people, particularly those who have taken the leap to chase their entrepreneurial dreams and start a business.  Having spent most of the past six years running or co-running my own small business… Read more »