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Startup Guide: How to Crush Your First Media Interview

As a startup founder, you’ve poured blood, sweat, tears and capital into your company. You’ve invested in the right talent, built a differentiated product or service, acquired customers and maybe raised some funding, and it’s time to launch your startup into the public eye. Media coverage is one of the most cost-effective ways to generate brand awareness for your startup at launch. The right journalists can… Read more »

Startup Guide: How To Create a Customer PR Program

The next time you pick up a copy of STORES or Entrepreneur Magazine, notice how many stories follow a case study format. A major retailer wants to improve customer experience and invests in a chatbot to help shoppers navigate their store. A small business wants to simplify transactions at the point of sale and invests in a tablet point-of-sale application for checkout. Joint PR projects, like… Read more »

Startup Guide: How to Talk About Your Tech

After months of iteration, you’ve built a new technology. Your voice assistant reads today’s headlines. Or your deep learning platform returns new techniques for disease management from thousands of medical journals. Or your disk storage hardware archives directly to Amazon’s public cloud. Now, how do you talk about it? Describing the mission and vision of a product or service is a challenge for all companies. But… Read more »

Startup Guide: How to Create Quick, Killer Content

Shrinking newsrooms and the rise of Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, and contributor networks are making content an essential part of a company’s visibility in the media. Backed by an SEO strategy, company blogs, op-eds, landing page content and downloadable assets are now powerful drivers of lead-gen and brand awareness. But where does content come from? This is an existential question for all organizations, but especially for early… Read more »