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7 Traits of a Solid PR Pro

 Having been around the block a while, I believe I have a good understanding of the personal characteristics that are commonly found in a successful PR professional. At a minimum, these are the traits of the folks we seek when filling key positions here at Matter Communications.  In my humble opinion, PR people need to be…  Business-minded What’s the end goal? That’s what PR people need… Read more »

Content Creators: “Nobody knows anything.”

Whenever I tend to get philosophical about the current media landscape (in my case, mainly as it pertains to video content), I’m reminded of perhaps the most oft-quoted, yet undeniably true, maxim that I’ve ever heard regarding media creation:  “Nobody knows anything.”  This quote is from multi-Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman, speaking in particular about the business of Hollywood (if you have a chance, watch this fascinating… Read more »

Visual Content: Worth More than a Thousand Words

We’re visual people – and have always been. Many of our early clients were in digital imaging. We represented companies from capture to print, and everything in between. (And, in the case of Lexar, the long-term Matter client and leader of flash memory for digital cameras and mobile devices, the “between” has always been extremely important to us.) Still today, many of our clients are in… Read more »

‘@MatterComm – We're on Instagram!

I actually intended to register Matter Communications on Instagram months ago, but then the whole “Instagram is going to sell your photos” thing happened. So, I waited to see what would come next… But I’m tired of waiting – Instagram is just too darn fun NOT to use! I’ve been using Instagram for about a year now, since I purchased my first iPhone. I know, I… Read more »

An Infographic on Infographics?

What’s trending on Twitter? In addition to the #SAGAwards and #GetHappy at the moment, infographic posts are another hot commodity on this social platform. In fact, posts linking to infographics outweigh the number of traditional posts by nearly tenfold. The increasing popularity of infographics coupled with the rise of social media have contributed to these visual representations going viral, fueling the need for instantaneous results. Whether… Read more »

BREAKING: I’m “That Guy From Matter Communications” Now

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve joined Matter Communications as Vice President of Marketing and Communications. Matter has a story worth telling well, and I’m seriously excited tell it – broadly and often. There’s another, more personal reason why I’m happy to join this particular PR firm, but I’ll get to that further down if you can hang with me. For those unfamiliar, Matter started with… Read more »

Augmenting the Art of Storytelling with Creative Visual Assets

As PR pros, we’re trained experts in the art of storytelling. From traditional media relations to the multifaceted realm of social media, there’s always a story that needs to be told regardless of the message or medium, and we’re here to help tell it. However, sometimes showing is the perfect complement to telling. Numerous studies show that enhancing your story with creative visual content can work… Read more »