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Matter Reaches 500 Hours of Volunteerism!

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe I am excited to share that the talented professionals here at Matter have reached their objective of dedicating more than 500 hours of volunteer time to worthy entities and initiatives across five offices nationwide. Since the start of the year our dynamite staff served meals at homeless… Read more »

Spring Cleaning in the PR World

The sun is shining here in New England, so there’s hope that the spring season has finally arrived. And, with warm weather and sunny skies comes the thought of spring cleaning – getting the things around you in order so you can make the most of every day. Here are a few tips for corporate-side public relations managers who may want to seize the season and… Read more »

3 PR Lessons from a Taylor Swift Concert and the CrossFit Games

To observe an elite star at the height of his or her powers can be vexing or inspiring. I suppose that’s why there are Instagram posts and coffee mugs to remind us all that Beyoncé also operates in a day with 24 hours – whether we’re meant to feel bad about ourselves or determined to do more is a matter of perspective. This weekend, I watched… Read more »

How Doing Good in Online Video Can Help Your Brand Do Well

  I find all too often that companies are using online video as a means to hammer home their services, products, values, and messaging- and just that. We all know the stats about how video is an engaging way to showcase what your business can do, but unless you’re the creator of an exciting new consumer tech product or are offering a deal that’s almost too… Read more »

From NBPT to PDX: The Importance of Face-to-Face Communication

A bi-coastal, cross-office exchange program – how cool is that? With the importance of office culture always top-of-mind at Matter Communications, a program was created wherein each month two professionals from our East Coast locations are offered the opportunity to visit our new Portland, OR location. The goal: foster work relationships and encourage collaboration. Sarah Ellis and myself were recently (and fortunately) selected for the trip,… Read more »

Great Places to Work Matter

Matter Communications was named among the Boston Business Journal’s 2012 “Best Places to Work.” That’s a big deal to us, because our employees nominated the company, and it was their surveys that won us the honor. We all work hard and also take the time to make our work environment supportive, creative and fun! There was plenty to see at the BBJ’s breakfast honoring all the… Read more »

Running for a goal

There are so many worthy (and non-worthy-but-still-interesting) topics I could cover in my post today:  from the Grammys to Egypt, the iPhone on Verizon to Donald Trump’s run for the Oval Office in 2012. And these are but a few.

Team Players

Over the last few days, some of Matter’s employees (myself included) have been working on a special project that needed some last-minute great results. As I was making a few well-placed phone calls today, I realized that the way we approached the project really set us up for success.

(I’ll) Never Walk Alone

In November 2006, I came to my first in-person interview at Matter in a state of high excitement: not only had a preliminary phone interview led me to believe that I had found my dream PR agency, but it was the first time I’d donned heels and lipstick in over a month. My husband and I had welcomed our son to the world in late September,… Read more »

I almost forgot. Eight heads are better than one.

Last week I was reminded of the real benefits of a very simple PR tool– one that we’ve all used in many shapes and forms: brainstorming. Sure, sure, we’ve all read about, talked about and participated in brainstorming, likely many times in our lives; but how often do we really sit down for a good, old-fashioned brainstorming session? It’s all too easy to let this type… Read more »