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2020 Vision: Ushering In A New Decade in Cybersecurity

Mid-November marks the unofficial start of “Predictions Season.” In the tech sector, projections, prognostications and predictions were once the domain of the largest and most prominent industry analysts, like Forrester and Gartner. Now, analysts, market research firms, industry insiders, bloggers and vendors of all sizes are all eager to provide their points of view on what lies ahead for the year. So, here’s our take on… Read more »

Exploring the Portland Startup Scene at NewTech PDX

As a Massachusetts native, I’ve encountered my fair share of smart, scrappy founders working to turn their ideas into reality in a competitive ecosystem. As a transplant to the west coast and working in Matter’s Portland office, it’s easy to see there’s something different in the air here, and startups love it. To date, I haven’t been more reminded of that than I was at a recent… Read more »

Why Collaboration is Essential for Innovation in Boston – and PR

Boston has had quite the 2016, so far. Over the past six months, the city has experienced incredible milestones, further raising its notoriety as “The Hub” of innovation. Not only has Boston been ranked No. 1 among the top 25 startup hubs in the U.S. (over Silicon Valley, ask Sergey), it was named the future home of GE, witnessed Salesforce’s high-value acquisition of Demandware, and will… Read more »

A Newcomer’s Guide to Drone Videography

 At this day in age, it’s amazing to think that remote controlled drones (or UAVs) are becoming a part of everyday life. They can be seen in search and rescue applications, lighting scenarios, and of course aerial videography. When it comes to other places it can be useful, the sky is the limit (pun intended).   Let me preface this write-up by stating that I am… Read more »

Boulder Start Up Week: Birthday Edition

For most of the country, it’s just another week, but for us here in Boulder, Co, we have a lot to celebrate! This week spins up the sixth annual Boulder Start Up Week (and second year Matter is a sponsor!) during which thousands of entrepreneurs and their teams network and learn with other workaholic dreamers in the area. This event encompasses so much of our own… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Digital Video Will Win The Decade

Last week at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer at YouTube, presented the keynote on why digital video will win the decade – and video and content marketers should take note. But before diving in, let’s refer back to 2012 when Kyncl made some bold predictions. He said that by 2020, “90% of all internet traffic was going to be video traffic,”… Read more »

3 Video Trends for 2016

2015 was a great year for online video – just check out the excellently crafted and entertaining #YouTubeRewind video. And there’s no signs of the momentum slowing as we enter 2016. From a communication professional’s perspective, I’d like to offer-up three trends that will likely have the greatest impact on how video will influence the industry in 2016. 1. Mobile Video 50% of video views will… Read more »

Bridging the print-to-screen gap

Remember the QR code? These things were going to blow-up, right? QR codes contain enormous potential to bridge the gap between printed material and your mobile screen. I’ve seen some decent examples of their use both in application and design… although the design solution usually involves trying to hide them in cleaver ways. Changing their color to blend in, hiding images within the code or hiding… Read more »

Industry News Scanning Helps You and Your Client

Typing the same search terms into Google day after day may seem like a chore, but the benefits of it far outweigh the negatives. I’m talking about industry news scanning, which is a service many PR agencies provide for their clients. But it’s not only helpful to your clients – it is key in helping you grow as a PR professional. I scan newspapers and online… Read more »

Twitter’s IPO is No Blockbuster

Yesterday’s double-whammy reminder of how the world remains an ever-changing orb of technological advancement came in the form of an exciting IPO reminiscent of the pre-bursting bubble from 15 years ago, alongside the death knell of a legacy business that capitalized on a technology that has come and gone in my lifetime. So long, Blockbuster. Hello, Twitter. It seems ridiculous at this point but it wasn’t… Read more »

Can't Leave Home Without It

I Forgot My Phone* In a world where more and more of our social interactions happen digitally, our face-to-face interactions are becoming increasingly limited, where emails have replaced phone calls and people forget that spending quality time with others involves talking, not texting. In one week, ‘I Forgot My Phone’ has gone viral – and as of 11:30 a.m. today, it’s received 14.5+ million hits (the… Read more »

What should your PR team do at CES?

With the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) about to begin, I’m sharing a few ideas for successful PR execution at this highly unique event.  Beyond all of the necessary and appropriate actions that should take place in advance of the show – and they are many! – below are a few basic, but fundamental, expectations a company should have for its PR agency team at CES: From… Read more »