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Live Tweeting: What You Need to Know

If you keep up with the Matter Portland office on social media, you may already be aware that we recently attended TechFestNW, an event showcasing the Pacific Northwest as a digital and cultural hub.  As our office lead on social media, I thought the event offered us a great opportunity to engage with the local tech community as well as share our commentary for both our… Read more »

Matter Reaches 500 Hours of Volunteerism!

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe I am excited to share that the talented professionals here at Matter have reached their objective of dedicating more than 500 hours of volunteer time to worthy entities and initiatives across five offices nationwide. Since the start of the year our dynamite staff served meals at homeless… Read more »

3 Ways to Win at Social Media (like the CIA)

I’d like to congratulate the U.S. Government. You’re winning at public relations right now. No, really. Two well-known and often maligned government agencies have found respective niches to educate and entertain, helping to project a friendlier image to the masses. There’s a few lessons we can all learn from their social media triumphs. Let’s start with the CIA. The agency renowned for keeping tight lips about… Read more »

‘Girls’ social media marketing: Provocative and almost Seamless

HBO’s wildly popular show ‘Girls’ premiered their third season on Sunday night after extensively using social media to promote the new season.  Many brands and television shows have used Facebook and Twitter to reach out to fans and promote themselves, but ‘Girls’ went above and beyond to create a complete social marketing scheme.  Companies take note, because ‘Girls’ is doing it right! Here are five ways… Read more »

Apathy Interrupted: How Smart Marketing Wins

Once upon a time, a movie camera was invented. What would follow were silent movies, movies in black and white, movies in color, movies with sound, special effects and eventually even 3D movies. There would be cult classics, box office biggies, busts, rom coms and everything in-between, and there would be public relations efforts for each one. These days there seems to be a new multi-million… Read more »

A Lesson AT&T Will “Never Forget”

We have all heard it time and time again: From the moment you send a tweet or post to Facebook, your words are forever on display for the entire world to see – even if you press delete. Talk about pressure! Social media marketers and public relations professionals are well aware of the embarrassment the simplest typo could cause a brand. You don’t have to remind… Read more »

George Zimmerman “Not Guilty”: Social Media Erupts in Protest to Verdict

On Saturday night, July 13th, it was announced that George Zimmerman received a “not guilty” verdict after the much anticipated trial for a crime that had been heavily publicized from the start. If you are active on social media, you knew the verdict at least 24 hours ago, and you also probably know all about the Trayvon Martin shooting that occurred in late February.     … Read more »

Pitch Please!

The art of the pitch – it can be delicate and precise like threading a needle, to something much more direct and forceful, like demolishing a wall with a sledge hammer. Regardless of your style, if you are going to get into PR, you should enjoy breaking down the walls and building relationships with the media. As PR Snoop Dogg (Snoop Lion does not exist to… Read more »

Reacting in Real Time: Social Media and the Boston Marathon Bombings

Anyone who has turned on a television, radio, or computer in the last few weeks is painfully aware of the tragedy that occurred at this year’s Boston Marathon. Those of us who spend significant amounts of our days trolling the web, checking social media, and are rarely found without a screen in our face, have been inundated with news stories since the minute the attack happened…on… Read more »

Seeing Red on Boston’s Red Line: Social Media PR Combats Proposition 8

    I rode the Red Line into our Boston office yesterday morning and was greeted as usual with the glow of smart phones in the hands of commuters. The difference this time was the repeated flicker of red squares skimming past on people’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds. I pulled out my own phone to check up on the club I hadn’t been invited to.  As a… Read more »

An Infographic on Infographics?

What’s trending on Twitter? In addition to the #SAGAwards and #GetHappy at the moment, infographic posts are another hot commodity on this social platform. In fact, posts linking to infographics outweigh the number of traditional posts by nearly tenfold. The increasing popularity of infographics coupled with the rise of social media have contributed to these visual representations going viral, fueling the need for instantaneous results. Whether… Read more »

PCNE’s Boston Media Best Event: Takeaways that Matter

Last night, a few of us had the pleasure of attending Pub Club of New England’s Boston’s Media Best event at the Museum of Science. This event featured an elite group of panelists:  Jon Chesto – Boston Business Journal  Walter Frick – BostInno  Paul McMorrow – Boston Globe and CommonWealth Magazine  Frank Quaratiello – Boston Herald  Cara Rubinsky – The Associated Press The reporters discussed the… Read more »

Cory Booker, Super Mayor

Cory Booker, mayor of Newark, N.J. is not new to the Twitter scene.  He’s long been an example of how politicians can effectively use social media to engage and help constituents. But, in the wake of the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey and New York region last week, Booker has taken his Twitter game to the next level. Booker took to Twitter… Read more »