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NYC dinner parties, joggling and PR

An article by New York Times writer Nick Bilton hit home, (well, PR home) recently.  Bilton’s Oct. 14 piece, “Disruptions: Seeking Privacy in a Networked Age” referenced a dinner party he hosted at which many of his guests (including Om Malik) were posting to social media sites, all while noshing on pulled pork tacos and clinking glasses filled with red wine. And what ended up happening?… Read more »

The Resurrection of the Turkish Coffeehouse (in 140 characters or less)

While mainstream media takes up a fair amount of mindshare in our society, and certainly in my profession, it is, by no means, the most important avenue of influence. In fact, mass media is a fairly new phenomenon. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that national news, syndications, and bureaus started to take shape. Since that time, our eyes and ears have been focused on the… Read more »

Video Social Media Checklist

As a new face to a new role and title here at Matter, I thought I’d write my first blog post stating the obvious. Well, I should rephrase that: write my first blog post stating what’s obvious to me, the Video Production Specialist, in regards to videos and social media. I will give it to you short and simple, after a few selling points:

Netflix's Twitter Snafu

The devil is in the details.  That’s a phrase you hear thrown around quite a bit, particularly in PR.  There are so many details that you have to “get right” when you’re doing a PR campaign, launch, pitch, executive briefing book – that even the smallest mistake can have major repercussions.

Is there a “plus” side to using Google+ for your brand?

It’s nearly impossible to execute a PR or marketing campaign without getting involved with social media at some level. The benefits of exuding your brand’s personality on Facebook and Twitter, and interacting with consumers in a fun, pithy manner far outweigh the drawbacks of opening yourself up to public criticism. The problem is that social media can take on a life of its own and accounts… Read more »

5 Twitter tips for PR pros

Though resistant at first, over the past few years I and the rest of the folks at Matter have come to embrace Twitter as an incredibly useful, powerful — and sometimes even fun — vehicle for connecting and communicating. Some of us would even go so far as to say we love Twitter now. Along the way, I’ve learned to keep the following tips in mind,… Read more »

Tips for keeping up with the fast pace of PR

The PR industry has changed rapidly in the past 10 years. On one hand, technology has made our lives easier by providing us with instant access to information and new forms of communication. On the other hand, it makes your head spin.

Tarnishing the Halo: Biden Drops the Bomb

Use of profanity is traditionally accepted as an occasional outburst reserved for situations of duress or frustration, but as recent events have demonstrated, it can also be used to ring in historic government change. By now, we all know that Vice President Biden said on-air, for millions of Americans to hear, that the new healthcare bill was a ‘big f***ing deal’. It sure is. However, as… Read more »

Social Media…Secrets Revealed

It’s no secret that social media has become a business imperative for both B-to-B and B-to-C companies. Clients come to us everyday seeking counsel on social media, wondering where they need to be and how to get started.

New Year's resolutions, Self-editing and Twitter

I’ve always been a strong writer; growing up, my mother was very strict when it came to school work, especially written reports. I remember countless hours spent at the kitchen table, writing and re-writing book reports, history papers and science projects while she coached me:

One man's "lazy" is another man's "smart"

Gawker is one of my favorite blogs to read – it’s snarky, it’s fun, it’s informative and usually it’s right on the money. The other day though, I was a little surprised to read an entry on “The Laziest Journalists on Twitter.” In the post, Ryan Tate called out BusinessWeek’s Douglas MacMillan, WSJ’s Jessica Vascellaro, Wired’s Priya Ganapati and Fortune’s Jessi Hempel, calling them lazy for… Read more »

In case of emergency… update your Facebook status?

Last month, I read a post on Webware about two Australian girls who were trapped in a storm drain. Instead of dialing the Australian equivalent of 911, they asked for help by using their cell phones to update their Facebook profiles. Nearly a month later, I’m still floored by the absurdity of the situation. Thankfully, the girls were rescued, but I continue to wonder why, with… Read more »

Facebook, You Got Your Own Thing Going

“I hate turkeys. If you go to the grocery store and you stand in front of the lunch section too long, you start to get pissed off at turkeys. You see, like, turkey ham, turkey pastrami, turkey bologna… Somebody needs to tell the turkeys, “Man, just be yourself!”” That’s right, I just opened a post with Mitch Hedberg. And I’ll tell you why. Today I was… Read more »