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How to Deliver an Engaging Event Recap Video

Event recap videos are a great way to create quick and easy video content. It allows companies to showcase their collaborative, fun-loving culture whether its showing off their BBQs, beach trips, volunteer events or bike-athons. Too often, though, event videos resonate primarily with the people who were a part of the event. While that’s great for internal camaraderie to boost morale, it’s essential to engage a… Read more »

A Newcomer’s Guide to Drone Videography

 At this day in age, it’s amazing to think that remote controlled drones (or UAVs) are becoming a part of everyday life. They can be seen in search and rescue applications, lighting scenarios, and of course aerial videography. When it comes to other places it can be useful, the sky is the limit (pun intended).   Let me preface this write-up by stating that I am… Read more »

Why our acquisition of video agency Skyscope makes sense

Earlier this week, we shared news about Matter acquiring Skyscope, an established video services agency with offices in Cambridge and Worcester, Massachusetts, and I’m elaborating on this event and sharing a few reasons why this deal makes good sense – for our agency, our clients and for the dynamite gang at Skyscope: First, every smart and savvy marketing organization should deliver compelling visual content to the… Read more »

Does your PR Agency “Do” Video?

The statistics are everywhere: people are hungry for online video. Overall, research estimates that the number of video views among Internet users grows north of 25 percent per year. If you think that number is going to recede any time soon, you’re likely also banking on the fax machine as the future of lead generation. So what has this to do with public relations? Here are… Read more »

5 Tips for the Traveling Videographer

If you are a professional in the Video industry, chances are you find yourself spending a lot of time in airports, hotels, and rental cars. Traveling is my favorite part of my job, mostly because of the sense of freedom and opportunity to see new places. With that said, I do not think there will ever be a time when I can travel as light as… Read more »

3 Things to Look for When Watching a Video Sizzle Reel

At year’s end, most video production houses should be recapping their latest and greatest work into a short video for the world to see. Also known as the “sizzle reel,” this video showcases said video house’s best work and truly provides good insight into the group’s production value, quality, aesthetics, and knowledge in industry. This best-of-the-best video is ultimately edited very intentionally to project or parallel… Read more »

6 Best Practices for Creative Content Marketing in 2016

Here at Matter Communications – and likely similar to PR agencies globally – all of our PR professionals are busy wrapping up 2016 planning with and for their respective clients. But what separates our group of PR pros from the competition is the fact that they’re able to efficiently and effectively incorporate creative content marketing into said plans because of our in-house creative services, Studio-C by… Read more »

Finding Inspiration: Filming with the Freefly M?VI

In the video world, new gear comes out seemingly every day.  It’s equally exciting and frustrating to see the rate at which technology is improving and prices are dropping (“there’s now a 4K version of that camera we just bought last year? Awesome!  But also, Grrr…”). As someone who very closely follows the announcement of every shiny new tool released for videographers, I’d have to say… Read more »

How Brand Videos are Like Your Favorite Song

Producing a successful brand video is like creating a piece of contemporary music. Generally, with a simple brand video you’ve got the introduction, the verse, the chorus, maybe a bridge or solo, and the conclusion. As video creators, this is how we initiate creating any number of brand videos for our clients. You’ve got about 10-15 seconds in your introduction to hook the audience to keep… Read more »