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3 Keys to a Successful Video Review Process

The review or feedback phase of a video project can be the longest and most ill-defined aspect of the video creation process. When your project team and the video marketing agency you’re collaborating with aren’t on the same page, your video can stumble before it’s even out of the gates. After 7+ years and over 500 review cycles under our belt, we’ve identified a few best… Read more »

Your Questions About Drone Videography Answered

It’s 2019, and drone videography isn’t the “next big thing” anymore- it’s certainly here to stay. With that said, everyone wants aerial views of their business or property but without the added stress of figuring out how to fly a drone without crashing. Is it possible to achieve these results without breaking your marketing budget? The answer is yes. Ever since the inception of FAA Part 107… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: December 2017

Happy Holidays from your Creative Team! This month the video team worked on customer success stories and key product offer explanations to assist their clients’ marketing and sales initiatives. And on the design side, the team worked on everything from law firm collateral to holiday campaigns. Check it out below! Have an idea you’d like to work with us on? Contact us today!   Video Production… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: October 2017

In-between the candy and the costumes of October, we have worked with a range of clients on some not-so-spooky video and design projects for you to check out. Have an idea you’d like to work with us on? Contact us today!   Video Production   Celebrating 100 Years in Business Haley’s Metal Shop This video began as an event kickoff for Hitachi Data Services’ “Next2017” conference,… Read more »

Best Practices for Conducting Professional Video Interviews

In today’s visual and digital world, a video interview is a key strategy used by companies to get their messages across to their audience. These interviews are used on homepages, landing pages, social media pages, and often played at large scale meetings or events. However, to be most effective in reaching and engaging a target audience, these video interviews need to tell compelling stories. Here are… Read more »

The Latest + Greatest from Creative Services: August 2017

As the summer comes to a close, we’d like to share a few video and design projects we’ve been working on recently. From overview homepage videos for Cadenza Innovation to animated GIFs for LEDVANCE’s new Apple HomeKit, the creative team has been quite busy. Have an idea you’d like to work with us on? Contact us today!   Video Production   Powering World-Leading Innovation Cadenza Innovation… Read more »

4 Ways Video Can Amplify Your Annual Event

It’s that time of year: you’re beginning to plan your company’s high-profile annual event that happens…well…annually. From location logistics to the run-of-show, invitations to the open bar – and even cementing this year’s sure-to-be-inspiring theme – there are many things to plan and consider. But what’s the best way to get the word out about your amazing event? And how do you keep the energy palpable… Read more »

How to Create a Killer Branded Video

Go to any company website or log on to your favorite social platform and poke around for five seconds. I guarantee you will run into at least one branded video. We are seeing more videos than ever, and for good reason. According to Cisco’s VNI Forecast, video will account for 79% of internet traffic by 2020! I’m going to go out on a limb and assume… Read more »

5 Ways to Turn Existing Content into Engaging Visuals

One of the most effective ways of taking existing content and turning it into a more visually engaging piece is through the creation of case studies. That successful project you put your heart, sweat and tears into for three months? Share it with your audience! Why not create a dedicated page on your website, a sales tool or a company brochure? Highlight your stats with colorful… Read more »

Three Takeaways for Businesses to Succeed with Video in 2017

Vidyard, a video platform that helps businesses host, manage and analyze their video content, just released their 2017 Video in Business Benchmarking report. These findings are based on “first-party data collected from the Vidyard video platform from more than 500 businesses and over 600 million video streams within the last twelve months.” For those decision makers and digital marketers looking to move the needle with video… Read more »

How to Deliver an Engaging Event Recap Video

Event recap videos are a great way to create quick and easy video content. It allows companies to showcase their collaborative, fun-loving culture whether its showing off their BBQs, beach trips, volunteer events or bike-athons. Too often, though, event videos resonate primarily with the people who were a part of the event. While that’s great for internal camaraderie to boost morale, it’s essential to engage a… Read more »

A Newcomer’s Guide to Drone Videography

 At this day in age, it’s amazing to think that remote controlled drones (or UAVs) are becoming a part of everyday life. They can be seen in search and rescue applications, lighting scenarios, and of course aerial videography. When it comes to other places it can be useful, the sky is the limit (pun intended).   Let me preface this write-up by stating that I am… Read more »