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Writers Workshop: Top 10 Content Formats Every PR Pro Must Know

This is the first blog in a new series called Writers Workshop, where we will share writing tips and strategies to help PR and communications professionals sharpen their skills and become faster, smarter and more effective. Spending 14 years in the newsroom as a reporter and editor, I was quite familiar with various journalistic writing formats, from the straight news story to the op-ed and human… Read more »

Practice Makes Perfect: Why I Blog on the Side

In the wonderful world of public relations we write a lot. From press releases, to pitches, to tweets and Facebook posts, to blogs – we write it all. Most of this writing is tailored to styles that aren’t our own. AP Style. Client’s preference. Socially acceptable tweet format. The point is, PR people are super creative, but you don’t always see that in our public writing…. Read more »