Team Players

By Matter

Over the last few days, some of Matter’s employees (myself included) have been working on a special project that needed some last-minute great results. As I was making a few well-placed phone calls today, I realized that the way we approached the project really set us up for success.

With everyone feeling a full-plate of duties, the project required some time that was a bit difficult to work in; so, we devised a plan to bring in a handful of bodies together in order to expedite the process. By bringing in five people to do the work of perhaps one or two, we accomplished a few goals:

  • We each had a very short list of media targets, which kept the time commitment to a minimum and allowed us all to continue to produce on our other accounts with little interruption.
  • The short list also meant we were able to spend more time researching exactly who we were reaching out to and what angle provided the best approach – something we all endeavor to do in our daily activities, but can prove challenging in a pinch.
  • Pulling together some great teammates allowed us to tap into our special relationships with top-tier targets, which meant our outreach was more meaningful and productive.

Matter works on a team basis with all clients, allowing us to reap similar benefits on all accounts on a day-to-day basis. Working with different people on different accounts lets us widen our horizons – learning new techniques, mixing up duties, and providing variety. On a larger scale, Matter operates like one big team – pulling together company-wide resources when met with new challenges or looking for recommendations. Clients essentially get the expertise of all Matter’s employees, wrapped up in a smaller team as a point of contact.

The moral of the story? You saw it coming….. Teamwork Matters.