The Battle: White Lights vs. Colored Lights

By Matter

Every year when the holiday season comes about, there is one very important decision made at most homes across the nation, white lights or colored lights? Many think that the white lights are classy and sophisticated, a winter wonderland some call it, while others find them boring and lean more towards the colored lights.

Let’s face it, there is usually that one house every year that you must drive by (if you’re lucky enough maybe it’s your neighbor!) who covers everything in a rather colorful display of holiday décor. Blue lights, orange lights, and the best is when they have the entire set-up programmed to flicker off and on to a local radio station, it’s a show all in itself, don’t forget the popcorn! While it appears to be a miss-matching nightmare, there is a part of all of us that secretly loves it and looks forward to it every season.

Whether it’s white lights or colored lights they all seem to make the season brighter! What’s your preference?!