The Importance of Logo Animation

By Joe Skoniecki

Currently, in this age of social media, viewers and consumers are constantly bombarded with information. Believe it or not, TIME shared that marketers only have a window of up to 8 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention before they click away. On top of that, Digiday found that 85% of those viewers don’t even listen to the video with sound. To further engage a viewer in a virtual conversation, it is imperative that marketers use every tool in their disposal.

One of the most important tools is a logo. We all know how essential a logo is for anyone’s branding. In a sense, it’s the face of your brand. A great way to generate more awareness for said brand is by adding motion to your logo. Bringing the logo to life through animation makes it more engaging and memorable for the viewer.

Studies show that by 2020, online video content will make up more than 80% of all consumer video traffic. Because of this, marketers are putting more and more value into producing both live and video marketing content. Opening your video with an animated logo gives any marketer a leg up on catching the eye of the millions of potential viewers out there. And remember, you only have 8 seconds to do so.

Let’s look at a couple examples of what a logo animation looks like and how they are successful in promoting brand awareness.

The three logo animations can be seen back-to-back in the following video.

Knovva Academy mG20

First off let’s walk through the Knovva Academy mG20 logo. This piece is a perfect example of how a logo can be used as a narrative piece. The mG20 branding is something that is vibrant and full of life, and that is exactly what the animation shows the viewer. The piece is broken up into ‘segments’ that revolve around four key buzzwords: experience, absorb, lead, connect. The elements accompanying each word act as visual representations of the mG20 brand. Looking closely at these elements, the viewer can see various nods to the mG20 throughout. From the curves and patterns that exist on the building blocks, to the overview of the skyline, the logo is something that is built upon throughout ends on triumphantly. This sequence successfully demonstrates the values upon what the brand is built upon and a call to action.


Next up is the logo animation for CureDuchenne. This simple and elegant example showcases how much motion really can push a logo to the next level. The ribbon shape flows together on the left, intertwining and really showing ‘connectivity’ and ‘community’ as the shapes tighten around each other. To the right, the name is revealed using the brand colors and ends with a call to action at the bottom. The simplicity of this sequence allows for versatility on how and when it can be used. It can sit at the end of the video on a white background or can be used as a transparency over video footage.


The next logo animation we will look at is from the Serrala Brand Manifesto. This example is a nice blend of the two mentioned above. Beginning in 3d, the logo grows out and integrates itself into the mountainous terrain. The bright red is a stark contrast to the shades of grey in the background. The viewer is taken on this journey through a set of cuts before zooming out and revealing the whole logo, as big as the mountain itself. This motion really amplifies the idea of Serrala being a brand that elevates itself, literally becoming and surpassing the mountains that the logo represents.

And of course, our own logo! Here is a fun animation created for our Motion Graphics Reel.


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