By Tim Bradley

Thank you, clients and collaborators! 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this quarter, it’s that Rupaul’s Drag Race is essentially untouchable, winning its fourth straight Emmy for Outstanding Competition Program (and sixth for its incomparable host). And that Kate Winslet as Mare of Easttown could easily order a hoagie at Wawa’s without causing a stir. And another thing, if Shang-Chi and What if… are any indication, the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be awesome.  

And, speaking of awards, the Matter Audio and Virtual Events teams went three for three at the Academy of Visual and Interactive Arts’ W3 Awards for our work producing MassTLC’s On the Tech Trail, Season 2  and the CVS Live Better virtual product launch. Not bad haul for such a prestigious contest! 

Wait a second… you know what? We’ve actually learned a lot this quarter, in no small part due to the massive projects we had the opportunity to work on. From narrative podcasts to 3D-animated promos, brand anthems to legacy pieces—Q3 was jam packed with amazing clients, new ways of collaborating and output we’re excited to share. Check out our Q3 2021 Video + Audio reel, and scroll down for a few specific pieces we’re especially proud of. 

Vicarious Surgical’s “More Capable” robotics podcast 

When Vicarious Surgical approached Matter about PR for their upcoming IPO, their leadership saw the value in tapping as many content channels as possible. So, we all agreed a podcast made perfect sense to drive awareness and brand affinity. The biggest challenge? Timeline. We only had 10 weeks to produce and publish an entire season of a show. Now, our small but mighty original audio team loves producing podcasts, but 10 weeks is a very rapid turnaround for something of this scale, especially while we’re all still working remotely; so, on top of our other projects, we found novel ways to develop concepts, collaborate on scripts and record interviews with roboticists and entrepreneurs. Honestly, the whole process was kind of a blur, but after all that focused effort, we have a three-part robotics podcast that we love. Check it out wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! 


Hitachi X Happy Cow Creamery Case Study

“You have to keep giving back,” says farmer and Happy Cow Creamery owner Tom Trantham about the reciprocal relationship a farmer must have with nature. He knows firsthand that if you only take and never replenish, eventually the earth just stops giving. But how this plays out isn’t isolated to the individual farmer and his or her plot of land or herd of livestock. No, because while you can’t control nature, you can monitor it and optimize your relationship with it to minimize loss and maximize usable output. And in that way, Hitachi’s Social Innovation program empowers farmers like Tom to survive sustainably. With sensors and other smart technology, Hitachi facilitates human interaction with nature in ways that won’t negatively impact the environment. They call this approach the Internet of Living Things. And we had the privilege of sending a team down to Happy Cow Creamery to learn all about how technology can give back to nature, too. 

Immersive Labs’ “Global Cyber Exercise” Promo 

Anybody who works in technology knows that cybersecurity is a hot topic. And many in the cyber industry take the same approach: build a fortress of software around your business and hire a crack IT team to manage it. But Immersive Labs sees defense against cyberthreats a bit differently. To them, a business is only as prepared for the ever-changing nature of threats as the least prepared employee is. So, they offered a free opportunity for businesses worldwide to test the cyber capabilities of all their people, not just the “geeks in the basement,” with their Global Cyber Exercise. In this short but sweet promo, we got to flex our 3D animation muscles. Look out for an extended application of these visuals in the brand anthem we’re currently producing for them. 

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