By Tim Bradley

Thank you, clients and collaborators! 

It’s hard to believe 2021 is already in the books. But here we are! So let’s talk about some of the major happenings of the last three months. Succession wrapped season 3 like a corporate version of Game of Thrones – and yes, we are here for it. Cowboy Bebop got us nostalgic for the anime of yore. And Arcane tore down the walls between video games and television by proving that compelling visuals and great storytelling always win. 

And speaking of the convergence of compelling visuals and great storytelling, we’re excited to show off some of our recent work with this Q4 2021 Video + Audio reel!

And, while we’re at it, let’s take a closer look at a couple of the client projects from Q4 that we’re especially proud of.

The 9th Annual NEVY Awards 

Each year, the venture capital community in New England gathers to celebrate big wins, important exits and the folks who make it all happen. And each year, the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA) comes to our team at Matter to help design and execute a stylish and fun hybrid event. Equal parts event logistics and full creative license, the NEVY Awards bring together our writers, animators, events team and production crews to develop and produce award-winning live content. The theme for this year’s event was The MARVELous NEVYs, drawing inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe – a subject very close to our hearts. To make the event shine, our team developed a custom character set inspired by some of our favorite heroes, built a full-scale superhero lair in the studio, and managed everything from the red carpet to the broadcast on the night of. Check out this recap video to see how all these moving parts came together so… marvelously. 

Cisco WebEx Hologram Announcement

When Cisco approached us about their plan to reveal a holographic AR feature for their Webex virtual meeting platform at a premiere annual event in two weeks, we jumped at the opportunity to work on this top-secret project. Retrofuturistic holographic goggles? Yes, please. Virtual interactions leveled up the Nth degree? Oh yeah. The timeline was impossibly short, but the tech was impossibly cool – we were understandably excited for the planning and production of content to support its announcement. To pull it off, we needed precise, repeatable camera movements. Yes, we could have keyed (or rotobrushed) in people to give the holographic feel, but where’s the fun in that? To give the video a sophisticated vibe, we used the Motorized Precision Kira robot in order to shoot those perfectly repeatable camera movements. Multiple takes were used for each scene with and without the green-screened ‘hologram’ person in frame. We had it to the client with room for timely reviews, and they used it as a flagship video at their event just days later. As one commenter on Webex’s YouTube channel said, “This is lit.” We couldn’t agree more! 

EDB “Big Animal” Series

How do you stand out in the crowded cloud computing space, when your direct competition includes tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Oracle? Well, make a great product that people need (duh) and back it up with real experts to help customers make the most of it. But on top of that, market that expertise and announce new product developments with videos that people actually want to watch. Enter: Enterprise Database. EDB came to us looking to level up the announcement of a new product update called Big Animal with a vision for a funny, three-part video series. After several crits and rounds of script review, together we honed in on a simple but hilarious concept that we could repeat with different scenes: a person in need of timely help trusts a non-expert with something essential, and disaster ensues. With comedy actors, location shoots and even a custom, horrible cake, this was such a fun project! 

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