The Latest + Greatest from Video Services: August 2019

By Matter

Thank you to our clients and collaborators for another excellent few months of work! This quarter, we’ve focused on expanding our team and creating award-winning work that gets results. We recently won four awards:


Recent Award Winners

Monotype – This is Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now is a new chapter in the story of perhaps the best-known typeface of all time. With every glyph of Helvetica redrawn and redesigned by Monotype, this video highlights how the expanded set of fonts are better equipped to face contemporary design challenges. We were tasked with creating a dynamic and engaging visual introduction to the typeface by blending words, colors and motion to showcase the versatility of Helvetica Now in 60 short seconds. To date, the video has over 300,000 views via Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook, and is a recent winner of the Telly AwardsDotcomm Awards and Videographer Awards.


La Brea Bakery – 30th Anniversary

La Brea Bakery proudly celebrates its 30th anniversary by bringing back founder Nancy Silverton. Her new collaboration with La Brea integrates ingredients like whole and sprouted grains, seeds and alternative flours all while using her original sourdough starter. This project is a recent winner of the Telly AwardsDotcomm Awards and Videographer Awards.


Our Latest Client Videos

Zero Gravity Tables – Stand Fast

Zero Gravity Tables’ mission is to create eco-friendly, ergonomic, and luxurious height-adjustable desk solutions. With production in Newburyport, Boulder and Portland, the goal of this video is to showcase how consumers can unlock their personal potential by standing up at work. Featuring surfing, running, rock climbing, cycling and yoga – this video has lots of action!


The 007th Annual NEVY Awards – Opening Credits

The NEVYs are Boston’s premier celebration of the venture ecosystem uniting the Tech and Life Science communities. An “anti-awards show,” they spurn white tablecloths and boring speeches, instead embracing the vibe of Boston’s innovation economy: fast-paced, eccentric, colorful, and unapologetic. Our motion graphics team loved creating this opening credits video with the James Bond theme.


What’s in store for next quarter?

We are looking forward to producing more amazing content with our clients and peers next quarter. With immediate plans to expand our team, our reach and our production value, we’ve set the bar even higher. Ready to create with us?  Fill out the form below to schedule a free strategy call with our team.