The Matter Social Second 4.1.21

By Matter

Welcome to another edition of The Matter Social Second – a monthly series keeping you informed about what’s trending in social media. Check out the latest news and insights from our social media pros.

New on the Social Scene: Clubhouse

You’ve probably heard about Clubhouse, social media’s hottest new platform. Since it launched in April 2020, Clubhouse has had a lot of buzz, largely because of its exclusive, invite-only launch. But is it going to stick around long enough for businesses to use it? Social Media Today thinks it probably will – the small, chatroom-style structure can help businesses and professionals network with like-minded individuals, gives brands a voice and sense of personality, creates engaging storytelling around a brand, and provides an opportunity for personal engagement with the audience that’s difficult to achieve on more saturated platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, Clubhouse still has some issues to work out, including the accessibility issues with drop-in audio that makes it difficult for hard-of-hearing users to engage in real time.

Social Platforms Start to Mimic TikTok

As TikTok continues to dominate social media, it’s not surprising to see Instagram and YouTube adapting their platforms to mimic the viral app. Instagram plans to test TikTok’s vertical feed UI for Instagram Stories. This would allow the same feel when scrolling through your Instagram feed, with the option to scroll up and down for newer or older videos. YouTube is also entering the game with “Shorts.” First tested in India and now in the U.S., Shorts will be available in carousels on the home feed and also in the recommended videos section.

Alert! Vaccine Notifications Are Here

With the COVID-19 vaccine beginning to roll out in states across the country, social media platforms are playing a vital role in both boosting awareness around the vaccine and limiting the sharing of harmful misinformation. Facebook is just one platform implementing new measures to share resources and information to its users, which include a COVID-19 Information Center that will alert people once they are eligible to receive the vaccine and where it will be available.

Bitmoji Shopping Comes to Life on Snapchat

With eCommerce becoming a priority for all social media channels, Snapchat continues to innovate and stand out. With its latest acquisition of FitAnalytics, Snapchat will be able to provide users the opportunity to find a more accurate size while they shop via the app. This latest advancement comes on the heels of Snapchat adding a feature where a user’s bitmoji can try on clothing that is currently for sale by major brands, such as Ralph Lauren. These new features make shopping easier in a time where customers are demanding the most convenient, straightforward experience out of brands. The distant dream of trying on clothes virtually is becoming more of a reality, thanks to Snapchat!

Instagram Combats TikTok Reposts

If you’re looking to cross-promote your new TikTok video on Instagram, think again. Instagram wants content created in-platform only. The platform recently announced that videos that “contain logos or watermarks” will be down ranked in the Reels and Explore tabs. This move is an attempt to shift user behavior away from TikTok, but I predict it may have the reverse effect – pushing users over to TikTok full time.

Since social distancing restrictions started just over one year ago, consumers continue to spend more time engaging with social platforms. Brands must continue to prioritize social media as a crucial element in the marketing mix to meet audiences where they are. Looking for advice from our social media pros? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch.