The Paper Jam

By Scott Signore

If you follow Matter on Facebook, then you already know that our much beloved office manager, Ellen, recently left our company – after six years! – to pursue another professional opportunity. (Noteworthy is the fact that only Ellen could arrange a summer on the beach followed by a return to higher education!) While missing Ellen’s fun and engaging personality, we’re also missing her in-office functions.

A paper jam in the agency’s most important output device reminded me recently of how important it is to have everything in the office working smoothly in support of our work. In addition, a paper jam is one of those situations when it’s important to roll up your sleeves and solve a problem, rather than hoping someone else will do it.

Anyone who regularly works in an office knows that a serious paper jam is a funny thing, as your options for solving that issue are usually limited at best. You open every door, lift every lever, stare intently into the guts of the machine to see what you may be missing and do everything you know how to do yourself, or you call printer service guy to fix it for you. And, let’s be honest, the latter isn’t really an option unless you live in a world that tolerates downtime.  Our office simply doesn’t handle downtime, so immediately after recognizing the problem – two of our guys literally had their sleeves rolled up, gave the machine a pretty thorough inspection and fixed the thing.  It didn’t take long – Matt and Tim are smart guys – and a “minor” office crisis was averted.

Fixing the printer is the barely visible tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving problems here at Matter. Clients engage in a relationship with our agency because we have a proven track record of successfully executing challenging programs.

We are hired to overcome obstacles, and consistently we do exactly that. Need to crack a high-profile outlet? We likely have a relationship that can be leveraged for your benefit.  Having a hard time getting your message across? We are experts in crafting content and bringing key messages to market. Is your PR generating business? That’s what we do – no matter how challenging your situation may seem.  In high tech and consumer public relations, I’d stack Matter up against anyone.

Knock on wood; I’m pleased to report that the printer is still functioning properly. And while I’ve typed this post, our team worked closely with another fortunate client to diagnose a challenging communications or business situation, find a way to clear that jam and keep the PR machine humming along.