The Power of the Mom Blogger

By Matter

Sometimes we come across those clients who are only interested in receiving coverage in national print publications and are reluctant to see the value in online coverage. Because social media has become integrated in everyday public relations in such a major way, we PR professionals must help our clients see the impact of online coverage and social media mentions, in addition to the benefits of secured print coverage. I recently shared an interesting article from the New York Times discussing the powerful impact mom bloggers have on the social media space with two of my clients.

The article, “Harnessing the Power of the Mom Blogger,” discusses how the mother blogger niche is active, loyal and deeply involved with spreading brand messages through different mediums.  It also stresses the importance of starting conversations with users and to engage users on social media, rather than pushing out a generic brand message.  

The impacts of a brand discussed on these mom blogger sites and on their social media outlets vary from customer retention, and trust to brand recognition and lead generation. Once your client is able to see the benefits of working with these bloggers, you can work to build your relationships with a group of loyal, enthusiastic, mom bloggers.

Do your clients appreciate the power of the Mom Blogger?