The PR Power of Pink Surgical Gloves

By Scott Signore

Visual storytelling.  For much of the year I’ve been talking with colleagues, prospects and clients about the powerful and very real impact that this kind of story-telling has on any communications initiative.

Obvious to any audience who experiences and embraces visual elements, the impact of these story-telling tools has been proven by countless marketing studies. It’s a fact that supporting your PR and social media campaigns with visual imagery makes any communications effort more effective, powerful and engaging. And, it’s also a fact that we opened Studio-C by Matter Communications, a comprehensive physical creative studio, to stay ahead of the communications trend and to be certain that we were able to offer our clients the most comprehensive, visually impactful programs.

Increasingly we’re asked to make a client’s communications program “come to life” by incorporating visually arresting visual elements.  A product or service that has energy and excitement becomes more so when it is complemented by logos, icons, infographics and videos. Few of the supporting elements are as powerful as a well-produced video. And, few communications situations are as tailor-made for video as one we encountered recently.

As part of our public relations and social media program designed to promote the new Gerrish Breast Care Center at Anna Jaques Hospital, a leading healthcare institution located north of Boston, we developed a video to help tell the story of not just the Center’s opening, but also to deliver a message about how valuable it is when individual networks come together and become something bigger and more powerful than they could be on their own. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The video features courageous members of our community who have survived breast cancer and, while emotionally moving, it also conveys the hospital’s excitement about the new services being offered to its breast care patients. And, it’s extraordinarily powerful when juxtaposed against the same story communicated by traditional PR alone.

By the way, Danielle Perry, the smart and savvy Director of Communications at Anna Jaques, entered that powerful video in a contest that highlights Breast Care Awareness with pink surgical gloves as the connecting theme.   You can vote for the video until November 8th by visiting this website:

The PR Power of Pink Surgical Gloves

Take a look and at the video and let me know what you think, and do consider casting your vote!