The Team at Matter

By Scott Signore

In a way that only my wife can do, she responded to me lamenting about my Fantasy Football team’s poor performance on Sunday by suggesting I pretend my team won. That’s a good point, really. If I can pretend I drafted these guys then I might as well pretend they won, right?

At Matter, we’re demonstrating daily that we know how to win. We’re three quarters into our 2010 season and we’re experiencing wins at all levels – from securing an exclusive on on behalf of a long-standing technology client (ATG) to placing a bylined article on a wildly popular Mommy blog on behalf of a consumer-electronics company (Lexar), and everything in between. The “wins” keep coming, and so do the new clients that fuel our rapid growth. I’m excited about the coming quarter and the year ahead.

I’m also excited about seeing our agency – together – at this afternoon’s staff meeting. Our dynamite team from Providence is traveling 95 North to talk shop (briefly!) and hoist a few beers with our equally wonderful team in Newburyport, and I’m looking forward to spending time with the group. PR agencies play a team game – and we are so fortunate to have a deep list of “starters,” all of whom make serious contributions toward their client’s success. I value every contribution our team members make to our agency’s shared success, and greatly respect the smart and strategic counsel they give to our clients.

I’m proud of this group, and look forward to working with them in the 4th quarter. There is no better PR Team than the one assembled at Matter – that’s a reality.