The Top 15 Matter Blog Posts of 2017

By Matter

Industry trends, client successes and rock star employees here at Matter were enough to keep our blog content flowing during 2017. But, with limited time during the day and a high volume of content available online, it is impossible to read every great piece. To make life easier and to make sure you don’t miss anything, we rounded up our top 15 most visited Matter blog posts of the year.  


#1: 5 Reasons Why I Love PR, by Scott Signore

Matter CEO Scott Signore shares what he loves about working in a bustling PR atmosphere. He explains why it’s such an exciting time in PR and the thrill he gets from being part of this agency.

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#2: Radio Silence: When Ghosting Enters a PR Agency, by Michael Byrnes

Anyone who has swam in the dating pool since the advent of the iPhone knows a little something about ghosting. But, if you think it exists only in the confines of courtship, you might want to talk to someone in sales or business development. Account Director, Michael Byrnes explains how avoidance has gone mainstream, even at work. Has ghosting reached your organization yet this year?

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#3: Health Tech Influencer Worth Watching, by Ryan Lilly

With a booming healthcare portfolio, Matter’s resident healthcare industry specialist, Ryan Lilly, highlights the influencers to keep an eye out for. These technologies are nothing without the innovators and influencers behind their creation, adoption and utilization.

Meet the influencers


#4: Summer Fridays at Matter: Thoughts from a New Employee, by Sara Pudvelis

Summer Fridays have been proven to increase weekly productivity and improve employee engagement. New employee, Sara Pudvelis, goes into detail about the benefits of one of Matter’s many workplace perks.

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#5: Quick Tale of the Boomerang Employee: Why I left and Then Returned, by Jess Wolter

Senior Account Executive, Jess Wolter, shares her story of figuring out the right career path. “There’s no definitive answer to when or where you’ll find your place. However, the best thing to do is continue to follow your gut.”

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#6: Enter 2017: The Year of the Brand Elevation Agency, by Scott Signore

Public relations is – and always will be — central to what we do here at Matter, but the fact is, we do so much more than PR that we owe it to clients and prospects to explain what that means for their brands. CEO Scott Signore introduces the Brand Elevation Agency ebook in this post from early this year.

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#7: 13 Questions To Ask When Choosing A New PR Agency, by Ryan Lilly

Picking a PR agency is a big decision, particularly for those that may have had negative experiences in the past or who have never run an agency search. Account Director, Ryan Lilly gives the full rundown on what to ask with this checklist, which may come in handy as you plan for 2018.

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#8: 4 Tips for Applying for (And Landing!) Your First Job in PR

Questions like, Which job is best for my skill set? and Where do I even start? are some of the most common questions that college students face today. While some navigate the job-seeking process with ease, others struggle to find their bearings. If this sounds like you, check out this post.

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#9: Matter Employee Spotlight

Throughout 2017, Matter took the time to highlight the cream of the crop when it came to the hardworking and talented employees. The most visited spotlights of 2017 included Vice President Jennifer Karin, Vice President Lydia Fakhouri and Social Media Strategist Lindsay Southwick.

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#10: Startup Guide: How to Write Vision and Mission Statements, by McKenzie Mayer

McKenzie Mayer’s ‘Startup Guide’ is an ongoing series on the Matter blog. Designed for those building a business or just building their brand, each post is a crash course in startup communications. Ready to get started? Read on.

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#11: How to Deliver an Engaging Event Recap Video, by Gabe Gerzon

Too often do today’s event videos resonate primarily with the people who were a part of the event. While that’s great for internal camaraderie to boost morale, it’s essential to engage a wider audience, like prospective talent and customers, with the same piece. Learn how to do so with these tips from Senior Video Producer, Gabe Gerzon.

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#12: Media on the Move

As the journalism industry continues to change, so do the reporters and editors. This Matter blog series posts regularly to update you on all of the latest journo job moves to update your contact list with. While the most read post was from the week of June 20th, you are probably more interested in the latest post.

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#13: How Delta and Lyft Capitalized on Competitor PR Crises, by Erin Brooks

With the rate at which news travels, it’s imperative to quickly respond and take control of a negative situation – before it takes control of the narrative. This hyper-aware and “always-on” mindset is not just important for companies reacting to their own bad news, but also for responding to a competitor’s PR nightmare. Marketing and Communications Specialist, Erin Brooks explains the snarky versus the dignified responses in a crisis.

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#14: Q&A with Public Relations Analytics Expert Russ Somers of TrendKite, by Jesse Ciccone

Jesse Ciccone, VP at Matter and resident measurement enthusiast, sat down with Russ Somers, VP Marketing at TrendKite, a PR Analytics software platform to discuss data and measurement in public relations.

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#15: What’s New in the World of Social Media?

The world of social media is constantly evolving and marketers, business owners and even the daily Facebook user should be aware of the updates. This Matter blog series brings all of the latest social news straight to your inbox once a month.

Read last month’s recap


And there you have it – the top 15 blog posts of 2017! From the ongoing series to the insider information from industry specialists, the Matter blog is growing and has even bigger plans for 2018. Make sure you are subscribed to our updates and feel free to reach out to any of our authors using the contact form.


Happy New Year from all of us at Matter!


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