Three Seemingly Obvious, but Significant Things I Learned as a PR Intern

By Matter

I had only gotten my feet wet in Public Relations before starting my internship at Matter, so while I knew I had a strong interest in PR, I did not quite know what to expect as a PR intern. I did know that I was ready to learn as much as possible in 12 weeks. Over the past three months, I have developed several new skills, from forming media lists to penning pitches and sharing them with bloggers. What sticks with me the most aren’t the tasks that I mastered during my time here, but the lessons that interning in a PR office has taught me.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions

One thing I learned quickly is do NOT be afraid to ask questions… a lot of them. PR is fast paced and you are better off asking a question than making a mistake on a task you were unclear about. The more questions I asked, the more I learned, which is what I am here to do. I have been lucky enough to have very approachable managers and supervisors that made sure I’m not just simply doing tasks, but learning lessons in the process.


Organization is key

Of course organization is helpful in every aspect of life, but it is especially crucial in a fast paced work place where you must keep track of various important documents and pieces of information. Staying organized makes life as a PR intern much easier. During my first few weeks, I reached out to co-workers and asked them how they kept themselves organized. I was surprised to hear that almost everyone had their own method from writing down lists to tracking tasks through online calendars. It doesn’t matter what system you find most effective, as long as you find one that works for you and keeps you on task.


The importance of a happy work environment

I always knew a supportive and pleasant environment was an important factor in the workplace, but when you are having an off day you truly realize how being in a positive environment like the one at Matter will completely turn your day around. In order to contribute to this positive environment you must be a team player. In PR (and of course at Matter), the best work comes from a team that creates a happy work environment by helping and supporting each other. As an intern there is a learning curve and transition period that can be very difficult, but it was made smooth thanks to welcoming coworkers and upper management.


My time at Matter has taught me numerous things, and introduced me to a group of hard working and wonderful people. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to learn so much from so many creative and strategic thinkers.