Tips to Improving Your Personal Social Media Brand

By Matter



As public relations professionals, we’re used to being in-tune to our clients’ social media needs. From drafting creative content calendars, to running contests, to handling customer inquiries, we make sure that we are positively optimizing the core messages of our clients and their products.  Despite being expert Tweeters, Pinners, and posters on behalf of others there is one brand that we tend to overlook — ourselves.  Here’s what you should do:

Stay Active in a Way that Works For You

Sure, we’re busy folks but it’s not enough to just have existing social media pages, we have to utilize them! While posting daily may not be a reality for some of us, something as simple as sharing an article on your Facebook page or commenting on a reporter’s article on Google+ keeps you engaged. Using a tool like HootSuite can help you see everything at a glance, which can make seeing important posts easier.

Keep Your Networks Organized

We need to make sure we’re on top of all the goings on in our industry, and social media is often where those stories break. “How in the world will I track all this content,” you ask?  Fear not!  Many networks have internal tools that keep you organized.  For instance, make lists on Twitter that organize your favorite reporters by their respective beats, join groups in Linked In that share the most recent news in your clients’ fields or subscribe to your must-read outlets on Facebook so your stream has the latest news and articles.

Leverage all Networks

You have clients in fashion/design but you’re not on Pinterest? Tweet on behalf of your client but don’t keep a Twitter page for yourself? Not connected via Linked In to regular contacts? Each social media platform provides different types of news, information, and contacts so it’s crucial to maintain a presence in as many as are relevant.

So, while we should continue to focus on being social media superstars on behalf of our clients, let’s not let our own social presence fade into the background. Have any more tips for building a personal presence on social media? Share below!