Top Tech Communicators Award

By Matter


Liem Nguyen, Director of Corporate Communications for Compellent Technologies, and the rest of the Compellent Corporate PR team were recently honored by PRSourceCode as a Top Tech Communicator for their exceptional corporate communications skills.

The award was based on the results of a survey of more than 800 journalists and bloggers from IT and business publications, including eWeek, PC World, Wired and SC Magazine. The survey asked contacts to name which companies they enjoy working with most in a PR capacity, taking into consideration responsiveness, knowledge of the industry, outreach methods and more – a huge honor for any PR department. We’re proud that we were able to support the efforts of the Compellent corporate communications team, and congratulate Liem on his win.

Cole Smith, national account director for PRSourceCode says of the winners, “this year’s Top Tech Communicators have really embraced the change, staying on top of the media’s trends, working to adapt with the journalists, and learning how to best match their clients and organizations’ expectations and needs with journalists’ changing realities and methods.”

Recently, I listened in on a webinar outlining some of the top technology communication practices, presented by other winners of the Top Tech Communicator awards. While the focus of the webinar was technology communications, I found that many of their suggestions were applicable to the industry in general.  Additionally, many of these tips were things I see daily at Matter, both from my client contacts and my team members.

Because of the fast pace and constantly changing landscape of the PR industry, I’ve found it’s increasingly important to be constantly reading and learning about new trends – whether it be in social media, tips for pitching reporters or understanding the way people actually receive their news.  In fact, this culture of constantly learning and seeking out information is exactly why the Compellent team won the award, and we strive to achieve this same level of excellence for all our teams. How do you stay up-to-date in the industry?