Tweet, tweet

By Matter

Last month, my colleague Melissa blogged about whether or not social media is a valid investment for brands. Melissa made a key point in her entry: at the end of the day, it’s between you and your client whether Facebook and Twitter are the right move for their brands.

Since then, new research was released that may make the argument to use (or not to use) Twitter a little easier for brands.

A recent study about moms using Twitter revealed that not only do the majority of moms use Twitter to find out about new products and keep up with businesses they like, but they’re also interested in getting links to news and articles on topics that matter to them.

The most important factor for moms to follow a business on Twitter is because the business provides useful information. The study found that other important factors include:

  • A desire to find out about the company’s products or services (67%)
  • To get good deals (60%).
  • To follow businesses on Twitter because they’re already customers. (67%)
  • To follow up on a retweet (41%)
  • Famous person doing the tweeting for a business carries little clout with moms (6%).

Does this make the argument to join Twitter any easier? Is your business or brand on Twitter?