Video Just Hits Different in the Summer

By Tim Bradley

Welcome to the Q2 2022 LATEST + GREATEST from the MATTER VIDEO + PODCAST team!

We can’t speak for anyone else, but so far 2022 has got us twisted up in knots. Like, good, strong, metaphorical knots. Our team is growing, our clients believe in the power of video and podcasts, and as we look ahead to summer, we’re feeling some combination of exhaustion and excitement. TL;DR… this summer is going to be awesome! 

But this blog post isn’t about forecasting – we’re here to relax and reflect on this past quarter. And let us tell you, it was a doozy. Nick Cage got weird (again) and showed us his Massive Talent. Season Four of Stranger Things has us pulling out our old Dungeons and Dragons campaign books. And for some reason they remade Father of the Bride?  We’re split on whether all these developments were for the better, but one thing we’re certain of is that we produced some killer work this quarter. And you know what? We’re excited to share! So, slap on some sunscreen, dip your toes in our reel, and then if the vibe is right, dive into some full videos with context and production notes below. 

Thank you, clients and collaborators! 

MiCROTEC – “You Can Count on Us” 

David Bowie once said, “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes – turn and face the strange.” And that couldn’t be more true for businesses caught in the middle of big transitions. In MiCROTEC’s case, they’d acquired an Oregon-based company called Lucidyne in 2020, but hadn’t found the right time or way to announce it publicly. See, in the LumberTech industry, the combination of legacy (think: lumberjacks and frontier economies), connection to the land, and the technology that enables efficiency and sustainability means announcements of change can create kind of a delicate PR dance. And our agency’s leadership in public relations is why MiCROTEC turned to Matter in the first place. As part of a broader announcement strategy, they tapped our team to create a Brand Anthem video that could not only help manage the transition, but also live beyond the campaign with just minor tweaks. With a powerful script in hand, our crew packed up our axes and steadicams and made the trek to the Lucidyne headquarters in Corvallis, OR, and to the Idaho Forest Group. The result? A moody masterpiece that even Twilight fans would swoon over (#TeamJacob). – “Focus on What Matters”

OK, picture this. You’re sitting at your computer, just clacking away at the keys, trying to get some work done before your 8:30 date at the local Cantina. When all of a sudden, your comms are jammed and alerts are popping up all over your screen – you’re the victim of a cyberattack. What are you supposed to do? Do you… grab your lightsaber and prepare for righteous battle against the forces of darkness? Oh, get real, people. This isn’t an episode of Obi-Wan Flippin’ Kenobi – and these hackers don’t have space magic or Death Stars to break into your computer and steal your data. Which means you don’t need a Force of your own to be the hero of this story. You need a partner like Horizon3 to come in for the assist. Just click a button and your data is safe – well, that was easy!  

But let’s say you’re Horizon3, and your problem is one of Brand Awareness and Trust. How do you convince an audience – inundated by cybersecurity options – that your product is easier but also better? Well, that takes more than a single click. Enter, Matter Video. With Horizon3’s cinematic vision, sketched out on notebook paper, our team brought to life a futuristic story to premiere at this year’s RSA Conference. Now, we’re not comparing ourselves to George Lucas here, but to plan, shoot and otherwise produce a jaw-dropping product video on a razor-thin timeline from a hand-drawn idea? That took a bit of our proprietary video space magic (and a bunch of hard work). Looks like we’ve all earned that trip to the Cantina tonight. 

Conversica – “From What If to How Much”

Summer is a time for cold drinks, spicy tacos and beach volleyball tournaments. Ya know, fun times with friends and loved ones, not menial tasks. After all, it’s not the season to be sitting in a windowless room with drop ceilings, cold calling leads until the whistle blows and you’re finally allowed to go home. No way! So, when Conversica approached us about a summer launch for an animated explainer, we nearly blew out a flip flop in excitement. See, Conversica’s Conversational AI takes those menial tasks like cold-calling/emailing off the plates of sales, marketing and customer success teams, giving them the time to focus on more important tasks. See where we’re headed here? Sure, the video itself focuses on the real-life results you can expect by using Conversica’s technology. But the results of those results? If you want the answer to that, meet us at the beach and we can discuss. 

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