Making an Unforgettable Impression: Videos for the Top of Your Sales Funnel

By Maia Laperle

Your business needs video. Video generates more leads, communicates a more memorable message and is shared on social 12x more than text alone – and because search engines prioritize content that includes video, more people will be exposed to your branded video than would be exposed to a similarly branded blog post. But here’s the thing: One video cannot meet all of your marketing needs alone. One video should serve one purpose, and your strategy for each video should be based on achieving specific marketing goals, such as brand awareness, driving website traffic or generating leads.

To get the most out of your video investment, your marketing strategy should incorporate a variety of videos, targeting customers at specific levels of the sales funnel. And whatever stage of the funnel you’re marketing toward, it’s become increasingly important to take calculated, creative risks that help your brand stand out and keep your audience engaged. Good news there, video makes it easy to create a buyer’s journey that involves less of the slow, tedious inching forward of a bumper-to-bumper, early-morning commute and more of the exciting thrills, twists and turns of an unforgettable water slide.

Picture this: a water park buzzing with activity, colorful towels and flotation devices strewn about. Amidst the slushies, the cotton candy and the lazy river, the star attraction rises high up into the sky – the best water slide in the park: The Funnel. This ride begins with an anticipatory climb up a tall, metal staircase and the dizzying view from the top of an eye-catching drop.

Engaging leads at the top of your funnel is all about establishing an emotional connection. At this stage in the buyer’s journey, your main goal should be to give viewers (some of whom don’t know a thing about you) a reason to keep watching. Keep your videos entertaining and captivating – without getting too far into the nitty gritty of everything your business can do and exactly how your products work. While many videos can be useful at various stages of the buyer’s journey depending on your specific goals, our recommendations for the top of the funnel include the best videos for holding the attention of an audience who may have never heard of your brand before long enough that they’ll remember who you are in the future.

Brand Anthems

What it is: A brand anthem is a visually engaging, high-level, and inspirational overview of your brand. Think of it as a manifesto, associating your brand with what you and your customers truly value.   

Why you need it: It lets your audience know who you are, what you do and what you stand for. And even when they already know all that, it’s an opportunity for deeper connection and to remind key stakeholders and audiences that your brand shares their values.

Commercials and Lifestyle Videos

What it is: A commercial or lifestyle video is a cinematic-grade video targeted towards a specific audience. This is a short and sweet video meant to entertain your audience by tapping into an emotional response, like their sense of humor or empathy. This video will lean heavily on your brand’s voice and style to get attention from the right people.

Why you need it: It’s an opportunity to connect products and services with your ideal customer and their aspirations.

Thought Leadership

What it is: In a thought leadership video or series, you choose a charismatic and knowledgeable individual at your company or in your field to put in front of the camera and let their intelligence and personality shine through. By giving potential customers a face to associate with your brand, you allow them to build a connection – with your expert and with your brand.  

Why you need it: These videos help position your company as a voice of authority and demonstrate your expertise. Potential customers will become more aware of your brand because they’ve been drawn in by the informative content, and leads will see that your company has an eye to the future and understands the nuances of the industry.

Branded Documentaries

What it is: Branded documentaries aren’t about your products or services. They’re true, character-driven stories that focus on an issue related to your brand. They might be about your brand’s history or reason for existing, or they might not be about your brand at all. The key is that they are human-interest stories that people watch for genuine entertainment. You give this content away for free – and in return you get a lot more people introduced to your brand and listening to your message.

Why you need it: These videos sell because they associate your brand with a bigger, more interesting world. Think of it as playing the long game. You’re creating content people love and leaving a strong, memorable impression – aligning yourself with your audience and building brand awareness along with brand affinity and loyalty.

These days, businesses are making video a regular, repetitive part of their marketing strategy, so knowing how to use different videos to meet different goals is key. “The Funnel” captures the essence of what your marketing videos should achieve – grabbing attention and creating an unforgettable experience. Just like the jostling line of park guests, undeniable pull of gravity and centrifugal force of a waterslide that keeps you right on track during your time at the water park, using the right videos at the right stage of your sales funnel can make it easy to guide your customers from complete strangers to loyal, brand advocates.

Note: This blog post is part of a series on how to use video at different stages of the sales funnel. Stay tuned for the next post in this series, which will explore which videos to use at the middle of the sales funnel.