Visual Content: Worth More than a Thousand Words

By Scott Signore

Visual content helps drive engagement

We’re visual people – and have always been. Many of our early clients were in digital imaging. We represented companies from capture to print, and everything in between. (And, in the case of Lexar, the long-term Matter client and leader of flash memory for digital cameras and mobile devices, the “between” has always been extremely important to us.) Still today, many of our clients are in that category. We’re a visual gang, and proud to be described that way.

So, it’s no surprise that we’re enabling and encouraging change in our business by adding resources that help us tell our client stories – visually. Beyond smart and savvy PR and social media professionals, we’re staffing-up our creative team so we can go to market with business-driving videos and infographics that invite the audience to engage, and add a greater value to the communications effort. We’re bolstering a strong foundation – and looking forward to doing even more. (This is a teaser, by the way, with exciting news about the “more” coming soon!)

Our communications category is evolving, again. While it always is, the current evolution relates to the market-wide understanding that visual content continues to increase in importance. A survey we issued in the fourth quarter of 2012 found that 95 percent of marketing professionals believe that visual content is “very important” for online marketing. And, if our agency’s activities since the start of the New Year are a barometer of what’s going on in our category, I’m certain that percentage of acceptance would be even greater if we surveyed the same crowd a second time.

At the time of that survey, we were called-out by Steve Olenski, a well-known and well-respected Forbes blogger for appropriately highlighting that marketing professionals need to – especially in 2013 – realize the importance of video. (Note: we’re less proud for being called out for using the descriptor “flavors” as a description in the same article.) His sarcasm was in check in his post, but the message was clear: pay attention, people. The ship is sailing and you need to get on board.

While our clients are the beneficiaries of an agency that, like the best PR agencies, leads the market (in strategies and tactics), the evolution of how we tell our own story has changed.  We adapt for each audience – that’s what top PR agencies do – and change the way we connect. In general, however, we’re introducing ourselves in new ways that show who we are and what we can do. These videos are snapshots, but powerful and like the work we do for our clients, invite engagement.

Our category is changing and the clients here at Matter are experiencing the benefit of the evolution. Are you encouraging change or being left behind?

Check out our newest sizzle reel below and decide for yourself.