Why our acquisition of video agency Skyscope makes sense

By Scott Signore

Earlier this week, we shared news about Matter acquiring Skyscope, an established video services agency with offices in Cambridge and Worcester, Massachusetts, and I’m elaborating on this event and sharing a few reasons why this deal makes good sense – for our agency, our clients and for the dynamite gang at Skyscope:

First, every smart and savvy marketing organization should deliver compelling visual content to the key audiences of their PR and social media initiatives, and the demand for this content will only increase in the future. My immediate point: we’re strengthening the already-strong suite of services offered by Studio-C, our in-house creative team. The combined Skyscope and Studio-C entity raises our creative profile and allows us to compete with larger, more established creative players who don’t have the flexibility to deliver sought-after projects at our budget level or operational efficiency.

Second, the fit – including the chemistry between staff, the complementary services, etc. – is dynamite. I sat with a number of other great creative shops, but our philosophies weren’t nearly as aligned as they are with the Skyscope crew. They prioritize the quality of their deliverables in the spirit of working with a client on a repeat basis, and they shoulder the burden of getting the task done right. In addition, our organizations share a professional work ethic of rolling up our sleeves and getting things done, while also being certain we have ample opportunity to blow off steam and have fun.

Third, the Skyscope staff is A+. Their professionalism is evident in the work they deliver to their high-profile technology and business-to-business clients on a daily basis, but you further realize the value of the organization when you get to know them personally. It’s extraordinarily exciting to welcome a team of top-notch people who happen to be great at what they do, which mirrors the description of the staff already on the team here at Matter.

Fourth, the combined experience of our creative teams is on par with any creative agency, anywhere. You have a solid foundation on which you can build when you’ve worked on behalf of consumer and technology brands such as LoJack, Pinterest, CVS Health, FootJoy, Cuisanart, CloudLock and Dassault Systemes, to name only a few. Being able to leverage the experiences and success will go a long way for entities looking to get into video-supported marketing with gusto.

And, finally, by acquiring Skyscope, our agency is addressing a number of key interests that we prioritized as part of a strategy to help our agency grow. This includes but isn’t limited to growing our in-house creative team, and expanding to the point where we will have creative representation in all of our offices nationwide. And, most importantly, acquiring Skyscope enables us to grow in a way that allows our staff to embrace new creative technologies that will be sought-after by clients in the years ahead, and letting all of our professionals continue to spread their professional wings.

Watch this space. It’s going to be an exciting year.