Why Our PR Agency Just Went “All-In” in Boston

By Scott Signore

I’m thrilled to spread the news that – with gusto! – Matter just expanded its footprint in the city of Boston! We’ve moved from our modest shared space to a custom-built location designed to encourage smart thinking, creativity, and which is conducive to generating results.  It’s a place where smart and savvy PR professionals want to hang their hats – and we’ll be supporting our growth by welcoming them with open arms!

In case you aren’t already living the dream in the Hub, here are several reasons why having a substantial footprint in Boston matters:

First, it’s about being among the movers and shakers – in our business, and in the categories we serve. We’ve experienced a noteworthy business benefit by sharing some space in the Seaport District, and we’re looking forward to leveraging our new-and-improved digs to shake more hands, share more thinking and do more business.

Second, we’ve always prioritized having the best professionals anywhere, and now, from a recruiting standpoint, we’re able to welcome those who want to join our team – but are urban dwellers who would rather not leave the city during the work week. When you’ve been named a Top Place to Work by the Boston Globe two years straight, you are always considered as a potential employer by the region’s brightest– and now geography won’t interfere with destiny!

Third, and related to the above, we’re giving those hard-working employees in Newburyport, Providence – anywhere, really! – an in-town location for collaboration with clients and colleagues. It may not be a day-to-day happening, but it’s filled with energy, enthusiasm and a familiar Matter vibe when needed!

Fourth, we’re now even more easily accessible to clients and partners – important face-to-face meetings can occur, whether scheduled or on a whim. Discussions about creative PR and social programs can happen with limited travel commitment.

And, finally, it’s directly aligned with a key tenet of our success: that quality of life is truly important. On Portland Street we’re positioned well for commuters by the T or commuter rail, and within walking distance of so many places to eat, drink and be merry. It’s an accessible office that’s within near reach to so much that an employee’s professional path can be complemented by activities far beyond the job.

Drinks, anyone?