Why PR Owns Visual Content Creation

By Matter

matter_dogRecently, I spoke at a PubClub event on Visual Storytelling at our Boston office. One of the first questions asked to me was – “why PR people?” The question is two-fold. Why should businesses have their PR agency responsible for visual storytelling through creative design and video and, why as an agency do we want to allocate any resources to this? The answer to both questions is one in the same. Because it makes perfect sense. As PR professionals, we’re natural communicators. We’ve honed our skills at telling a company’s story to get results. We know how to make the boring sexy, the complicated easy and the information newsworthy. We understand how to listen to a company, understand their brand, decipher the messages then get those messages to the right audiences. Now, we’re not doing so just on the phone, in-person or through the written word – we’re doing it visually. We’re taking our creative thinking and counsel to another level. But, most importantly, we’re doing it holistically. It’s about building surround sound campaigns to reach your customers and prospects wherever they are – your web site, on blogs, in publications, on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (to name a few).

Several years ago, Matter had the foresight to provide video services and from there, we’ve expanded to add graphic design. The rest is history. If you’re working on your PR plans for 2014 and you’re not including visual elements, you’re not reaching your potential as a brand to influence your audience. Tune into Graphical Content to hear more and let us know what you’re interested in hearing.