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In the hyper-competitive and crowded cybersecurity industry, Attivo Networks sought recognition as the pioneer and category leader in deception technology. An emerging, advanced element of the deception category, Active Defense is built on the premise that enterprise perimeter security is no longer effective, and organizations must take the offensive to protect themselves. When an attacker infiltrates the digital perimeter, companies must quickly identify, outmaneuver and neutralize the threat. That’s where Attivo Networks comes in. Attivo hired Matter to elevate its standing with its target audience of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and infosecurity teams at mid-to-large size enterprises.


The Matter team created and implemented a campaign focused on the category of "Active Defense,” positioning Carolyn Crandall, the company’s CMO and "Chief Deception Officer," as a deception technology evangelist and thought leader. Through a series of interviews, rapid response commentary opportunities, thought leadership blogs, bylined articles and speaking opportunities, Crandall became the face of the company while articulating the benefits of Active Defense and adaptive security delivered through deception-based threat detection.


Not only did Matter help Attivo Networks strengthen its position as the mind share leader and penetrate the national business press, we significantly increased the company’s quarterly share of voice. The team secured 60+ articles in less than a year, including two strategic placements in Forbes; a cover feature in the San Jose Mercury News’ business section; key trade and security media placements in eWeek, Dark Reading and SC Magazine; and numerous channel and vertical publications placements. Attivo no longer needs to watch and react to every competitors’ moves — it’s elevated to the top of the category.