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As newsrooms and journalists across the globe prioritized COVID-19 related coverage, breaking into increasingly crowded and siloed media outlets became increasingly difficult, As companies transitioned into remote settings globally, Auth0 was uniquely positioned as a company with a previously established remote workforce. To drive results amid COVID-19, the Matter team embraced Auth0’s “born remote” culture to position Auth0 as an authority in work from home management and operations best practices.


The Matter team monitored the news cycle and identified reporters focusing heavily on these topics. The team strategically pitched top-tier business, tech and local Seattle publications on remote best practices, leveraging CEO and co-founder, Eugenio Pace and CSO, Joan Pepin as expert spokespeople. As media coverage of the pandemic evolved, the team’s outreach strategy shifted, moving away from an initial reaction to remote work to forward-thinking angles focused on the future of the workplace. Through targeted outreach, the team sought to position Auth0 as an expert on remote work and a visionary for workplaces of the future.


In two short months, Auth0 is positioned as a leader in remote work via coverage in Business Insider, Forbes, Venture Beat and multiple top-tier technology outlets including TechTarget, Dark Reading and TechRepublic. To-date, Matter secured 10 placements overall including bylines, feature articles and company mentions, as well as a briefing and pending coverage with Puget Sound Business Journal. Storylines included best practices for business continuity during a pandemic, how to build a thriving company culture while remote, ensuring remote mental health awareness and how to foster remote employee engagement.