Brigham Health + Partners Health


Brigham Health and Partners Health have been Matter clients for over six years and have always been dedicated to providing patients convenient ways to access world-class care. The team had already been slowly rolling out Virtual Visits, but the COVID-19 crisis meant rapidly expanding and scaling this platform up. Virtual Visits allow Brigham Health and Partners Health to safely treat and care for patients remotely, and is more convenient for patients who need continuing care.

Redesigning Care Using Technology

Building up to the launch of a single electronic medical record: Partners eCare, Brigham and Partners worked with Matter to create a variety of announcement and training videos to help show that the impending change would ultimately improve population health management, provide embedded clinical intelligence for providers and enable patients to be more connected with their care team across organizations included in the Partners system.

The videos have played a key role in educating patients and making them comfortable with the technology and this new way of receiving expert care. They are deployed and helping patients across the Partners network.

– SALLY CARLSON, Senior Manager Communications & Training