Country Meats

A contactless world

Country Meats is not just a delicious snack option — it’s a nationwide fundraising partner for schools, sports teams, scouting organizations and more. As schools, extracurricular activities and traditional fundraising efforts continue to evolve in an increasingly remote/hybrid world, the Matter Integrated team came together to re-brand Country Meats and bring awareness to its new “Contactless Fundraising” program.


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into the fire

Matter’s strategy included modernizing the current Country Meats branding and signature “flames” to the next level with a new brand narrative & messaging, fresh color pallete, font treatments, product photography, videography, and even 3D product renderings. The Matter team executed a full brand and tech audit which influenced the design and user-experience of a 20+ page interactive website. ​

The Paid Search, Paid Social, and Email teams worked in tandem with the creative crew to drive awareness of the brand, contactless fundraising campaigns and sales/fundraiser conversions.

The snack that brings us together

Since partnering with Matter, Country Meats has seen tremendous growth in sales and leads for new fundraisers. In March 2021, the company experienced the highest sales month in its history, which can be attributed to successful Google Ad Words campaigns. Just one integrated email and social campaign promoting free samples had a 64% conversion rate.​

But most importantly, Country Meats has remained true to its family values and mission to provide an affordable and delicious avenue for fundraising, inspiring groups to meet their goals together.


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