Virtual Event Attendees




Increase in Sales


To introduce more than 80 new Live Better health and wellness products from the CVS Health line, CVS needed to generate strong consumer buzz around its new line. And with products rolling into stores over the course of six months, CVS needed guidance on when to make an announcement and press push. Matter set to work creating and executing a strategic launch plan while facing a number of challenges: nuances associated with the line’s name due to re-usage, complexities around claims, the COVID-19 pandemic and an explosion of civil rights protests that dominated news cycles.


Matter pivoted from its original plan of an in-person press event in NYC to a one-of-a-kind virtual unveiling that safely and interactively showcased the brand for key editorial media contacts and social media influencers. We built a custom set to bring the brand to life, enlisting hosts to conduct a Today Show-inspired live press conference, and featured CVS executives taking questions from the VIP guests who logged in. Attendees and select press were gifted exclusive branded boxes, showcasing a sampling of available and future products. Simultaneously, we kicked off an influencer program to guarantee brand conversation on social media.


The Live Better by CVS Health livestream was attended by 116 users, including some of the most influential consumer media outlets and social personalities. Pivoting to the livestream event and an influencer-focused launch strategy generated 63 media placements to-date, with 137.1 million impressions and more than 70 social posts reaching another 4.5M consumers. As social posts and media coverage began appearing post-event, available products saw an immediate boost — with a 20% increase in sales.