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For over 100 years, Evenflo has been a trusted juvenile product brand. To capture the attention of the new, tech-savvy generation of digitally connected parents, Evenflo launched its first-ever, direct-to-customer line of baby seats and strollers outfitted with cutting-edge advanced sensor technology: Evenflo Gold. However, Evenflo couldn’t rely solely on parenting press to reach this audience — it needed to expand its reach into the unexplored verticals of business and technology publications. So, Evenflo sought Matter’s media expertise to craft a program that would elevate Evenflo Gold.


To get the news of Evenflo Gold’s launch into parenting, business and technology publications, Matter devised a multi-tiered outreach strategy targeting traditional press and bloggers, ensuring widespread, diverse coverage at launch. The team developed a “Reviewer’s Guide,” specially designed to lead the press through a seamless product journey while highlighting key messaging points. To capture journalists’ interest in each vertical, the team emphasized different aspects of the Evenflo story, spotlighting the safety and brand heritage angle for parents, direct-to-consumer for business, and innovative sensors for tech.


Matter’s efforts resulted in widespread coverage for Evenflo Gold across tech, business and parenting publications. From a glowing review in Wired to a feature in Business Insider, Evenflo Gold received a positive reception across verticals — helping Evenflo make inroads into these key industries. Additionally, the blogger campaign resulted in a treasure trove of content for Evenflo’s social channels. Making waves across verticals, Matter demonstrated how this dynamic, multifront public relations strategy was able to increase awareness of and desire for Evenflo’s new direct-to-consumer line.